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Looking for THIS building lot

by hottpotatah

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Looking for THIS building lot

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Can anyone help me? I've been looking for the building lot that I really love but when I reinstall everything I couldn't find it in Gallery or on Google (yes, I didn't favorite or save the lot Dx)


- It's a modern mansion (reckon it's 64x64 lot) and quite unique

- there is a "sucurity post" (debug item deco?) in front of the mansion

- there is a "runway with plane deco" on the back of the mansion

- there is a "guest room" built separately on the right (if facing mansion)

- there is an open garage between the guest room and mansion

- there is a fitness and yoga room built separately on the left (if facing mansion)


Thank You



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Re: Looking for THIS building lot

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Yeah, finding an older lot in the Gallery can be almost impossible at times if you don't remember who made it. There are just so many.


There is another way to get it back if you have your old saves.


If you still have the save where you used it before, you can open that save and save the lot to your library.  Then copy your Tray folder to the new "The Sims 4" folder tray folder.  And then install the lot into your current save.


Hope this helps.

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