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Re: Llamas and Llama Zoom Truck

by DBrick01

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Llamas and Llama Zoom Truck

★ Guide

How valuable is a llama?

You have to complete many tasks and only get 1 llama.

Yet, to buy land cost 25K coins and 5 llamas.

A chair is 995 coins and 1 llama.

A TV stand is 15 llamas

To build a room is 19K coins and 16 llamas.

A hamper is 5K coins and 4 llamas.

Who priced the inventory? How much is 1 llama?

The pricing on the inventory should be redone. If 1 llama is 5K coins, certain items should not require a llama. If 1 llama is 1k coins, then to purchase land should be 25 llamas.

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Re: Llamas and Llama Zoom Truck

★ Apprentice

I hate that it takes so long to get the Llamas, you have to HAVE the Llamas, and the over pricing of many objects!

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Re: Llamas and Llama Zoom Truck

★ Guide

Based on their inventory prices, completing Llama Zoom truck tasks should give you more llamas.

But this is their way of making the game more challenging (my opinion:  more frustrating).


If I buy a kitchen cabinet, the next time you purchase the same cabinet, it costs more.  WHY?


If you want a different color, you have to pay more.


If the concept is the more you buy, the more you pay.  Then, the more you work, hangout, complete the Llama Zoom truck; you should get more coins, llamas, XPs, etc.  Yet, in the game what you gain for doing something is static, does not increase, especially after you reach level 10.


Hopefully someone will address the inconsistencies and overpricing (overllamas) of items.



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Re: Llamas and Llama Zoom Truck

@DBrick01 Yeah, we deserve something like 3 Tickets every LlamaZoom completed Frown
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Re: Llamas and Llama Zoom Truck

★ Guide


They made a few changes since FireMonkey took over. 

I have two families. One at level 50, the other just beginning. Beginner family completes llama zoom, they may receive less XP and less coins but they still get 1 llama for doing less tasks.

Higher level family may receive more coins (Do not need the XPs) and get 1 llama.

Beginner family does not even complete a long event.

The llama zoom rewards need to be revisited.

I still think each panel (quick, standard, and long) should be given a llama. 3 llamas if you complete each panel.

They can make it more difficult. Instead of panel for just quick activities, they can mix it up. Mix up all three panel with quick, standard, and long activities instead of separating them.  The player can decide if they want to complete all three panels or just one or two. But after completing a panel of activities, you get a llama.


Also for those who do not need XPs anymore, this should be converted to coins. That can be programmed right: if at level 50, then covert any XPs to coins. 


I do not mind the llama zoom as much now but still think it should be tweaked a little.

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