Llama Bank Q&A

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Llama Bank Q&A

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Q] How does the Llama Bank work?


 A] The Llama Bank starts collecting Prize tickets when

  • you unlock all Sim Festival Tiers and continue to play both Daily and Season Tasks. 
  • Sim Festival has ended, and you continue to complete Daily Tasks. (Season Tasks are disabled)

PS: Once the Llama Bank is full, the Tasks will stop having Tickets as rewards.


Q] How do I use Prize tickets from Llama Bank? 


 A] When you get the Festival Pass or Festival Pass Plus, you smash open the Llama Bank and benefit from all the saved Prize Tickets in it. These Prize Tickets will be applied to the new Sim Festival Tiers immediately, helping you get a head start.


Q] How do I know how many Prize tickets I have in the Llama Bank? 


 A] When you open the Festival Pass Purchase screen, the number of tickets available in the Llama Bank can be seen under the Pass Benefits. The number of Tickets available in the Bank (Maximum 6000) may be different for players, depending on the number of Prize Tickets collected in the Llama Bank.


Q] I got the Festival Pass Plus; which benefit do I get first - the Llama Bank or the extra Skip Tiers?


 A] When you get the Festival Pass Plus, the 15 Tiers skip is applied first, followed by the saved Llama Bank Prize Tickets.

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Re: Llama Bank Q&A

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My 6000 llama bank tickets disappeared and did not apply to the newest update.

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Re: Llama Bank Q&A

@BillieFan Hi, did you buy one of the Festival passes?

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Re: Llama Bank Q&A

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I had 6000 tickets before the new festival started.  It was not applied to it. What do I need to do to get them applied?

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Re: Llama Bank Q&A

@DSTDiva393 You must purchase a festival pass.

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