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Laptop Suggestions

by emmaamccoll

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Laptop Suggestions

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I have been searching for a new laptop which enables me to play The Sims 4 with several expansions. I’m currently using an outdated ASUS and open to trying any brand. 

Although I have played The Sims for years, I am pretty useless when it comes to knowing the best laptops and deals to buy. My budget for a new laptop is around £500-£600 and it will only be used for this game and general use.

Im on day 3 of looking and ready to give up so would really appreciate any suggestions or help! 

Thank you Standard smile 

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Re: Laptop Suggestions

@emmaamccoll  The difference between the best £500 laptop and the best £600 laptop is pretty significant, at the moment the difference between playing Sims 4 (all packs included) on medium graphics settings and ultra.  I looked around a bit, and the best laptop I saw for around £600 was this Acer:


Its Nvidia 1650 graphics card should handle all Sims 4 packs on ultra settings with some room to spare, and its other hardware is good enough.  The 256 GB hard drive is small, but it can certainly fit all your Sims 4 content, plus plenty of small apps like browsers.


The next cheapest option I saw with a 1650 is this one, for £650, with an essentially equivalent processor and otherwise the same specs:


If you don't like the Acers, this one is also £600, and while it does have a dedicated graphics card, the Nvidia 1050 is significantly slower than the 1650.  Still, it would run Sims 4 on ultra or a mix of high and ultra settings.


As an example of what you could get for £500, this Lenovo would run all packs together on medium settings, but performance-wise, it really isn't in the same category as the true gaming laptops with dedicated graphics cards.


If you have more questions, please feel free to ask.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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