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June10th, 2020 Patch Notes

by EA_Arrenai

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June10th, 2020 Patch Notes

Community Manager

Update 6/10/2020
PC: / Mac:
Console: Version 1.27

Thank you for your reports and assistance in tracking down these issues.

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when loading some households.
  • Fixed Error Code 134:368f1773:b4bcf72 preventing some saves from loading.
  • Fixed Error Code 109:e56fc6bb:dc1a1b58 preventing some households from loading for Simmers who do not have Get Famous installed.
  • Changed one of the patterns of a women’s sweater in Eco Lifestyle (yfTop_EP09SweaterCropPrint_Brand).
  • Edited the description of the Footloose Beverage Bodega in all languages.
  • Restored the missing texture of wall hanging decoration Roman Temple Architectural Study.
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