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Izzy’s fassion shop

by gkshai

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Izzy’s fassion shop

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Hi there! 

I wonder something about izzy’s creations. I have two female characters only and whenever i try to get creation from izzy he makes me a male outfit. I got 7 male outfits of 8 and decided to have a baby boy just to use the outfits. Standard smile is it normal? 


And the other question. I got “helge sectional sofa” -or something like that, i can’t start the activities by tappin on it, i mean i used my old couch to start “dance for wumpies”. Can’t i use my sofa to do couch duties? 



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Re: Izzy’s fassion shop

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@gkshai Oh no, that's unfortunate you only got male clothes. Still you can get female ones in the long run. If you can afford it (u have lots of fashion gems), once you reach 35 clothes, you can delete those you don't want to use & they'll give back some gems. What I do myself is just purchase clothes until I reach 35 then delete a few items once in a while so I don't waste too much gems.


About the sofa, I tested that on my game, it seems to work ok. Search cushions, chat with, cozy up, relax & sts events short cut can be done with it. Maybe an item is blocking the sofa? Not sure for Dance for wumples coz I don't have a wumples event until later. Hope this helps.


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Re: Izzy’s fassion shop

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Thank you for your help @dissenterjasmine 

Usual interactions like chat with or cozy up can be used but the events or the roommate quest’s interactions don’t appear. That’s why i don’t think it is about blocking. 

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Re: Izzy’s fassion shop

@gkshai If that sofa is not working for the roommate race quest, it's something that can be improved. I suggest you make a bug report so the team will be able to look into this isssue and fix it. Here's the link you can use:

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Re: Izzy’s fassion shop

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for several months now,

i spent over 1000 izzy fashion gems this month, and i keep receiving duplicates and having to resell! it’s frustrating because i only have the basic izzy fashion clothes ( items purchasable in the inventory though it has an effect thing ). 

there’s many items that i long for, several female  jumpsuits, fairy outfits, nice men sweaters, etc

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