Izzy Bracelets - Maybe Bug / Maybe Not

by simmerdownMAL

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Izzy Bracelets - Maybe Bug / Maybe Not

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I want to propose the idea that 16/40 Izzy bracelets may be bugged. Simply because the bracelets have functioned a certain way since the launch date doesn't mean that they work the way  they were intended. Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but I'm throwing it out there as a possibility. Why? Because it's plausible that no one has ever questioned the possibility of them being bugged. Also, these effects are amazing, and several of them are wasted on a bracelet (IMO). For example, the sparkle bracelets are barely visible. Were they intended to be this way, or were sims meant to have all over sparkles, like seen in many other effects?


There are 40 different effects players can roll at the Izzy shop. Each effect can be rolled on a bracelet; however, how the effects display on the sim are inconsistent. Some effects rolled with a bracelet display across the whole sim, while other effects only display on the bracelet itself. Based on the information on the screen, it is difficult for the player to know with certainty which display it will be with the bracelet rolled.


When rolled with a bracelet, these effects display across the whole sim outfit:

  1. Angelic (wings)
  2. Beachy (glowing ball on top of head)
  3. Beaming (laser eyes)
  4. Booming (fireworks)
  5. Buzzworthy (bees)
  6. Cherubic (cupid bunnies)
  7. Cosmic (planets)
  8. Divine (halo)
  9. Feathery (feathers) (*Corrected*)
  10. Festive (balloons)
  11. Flashy (white flashes)
  12. Floral (daisy crown)
  13. Fluttery (little butterflies)
  14. Moody (rain cloud)
  15. Radiant (spotlight)
  16. Rainbow
  17. Retro (shapes)
  18. Simoleoned (coins)
  19. Smitten (heart eyes)
  20. Stinky (flies)
  21. Sweaty (sweat drops)
  22. Twinkling (fireflies)
  23. Whimsical (birds)
  24. Winged (butterfly wings)

When rolled with a bracelet, these effects display only on the bracelet itself:

  1. Amethyst Sparkle (purple sparkle)
  2. Bioluminescent (green glow)
  3. Bubbly (bubbles) 
  4. Coral Sparkle (orange sparkle)
  5. Dazzling (white sparkle)
  6. Electric (lightning)
  7. Emerald Sparkle (green sparkle)
  8. Fiery (fire)
  9. Flirty (hearts)
  10. Happy (plumbobs)
  11. Hazy (dust cloud)
  12. Lucky (clovers)
  13. Ruby Sparkle (red sparkle)
  14. Sapphire Sparkle (blue sparkle)
  15. Topaz Sparkle (yellow sparkle)
  16. Zesty (fruits)

What do you all think? Could it be a bug? I think it's worth asking, and worth looking into.



(Top row shows 4 effects displayed across whole sim outfit. Bottom row shows 4 effects displayed only on the bracelet). 

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Re: Izzy Bracelets - Maybe Bug / Maybe Not

EA Live QV Team

Impressive investigation! I've verified it with the designers and this is working as intended Standard smile 

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Re: Izzy Bracelets - Maybe Bug / Maybe Not

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Oh, I have a feathery bracelet and the effects are visible all over my Sim. However, I got it a loooong time ago, maybe that's why?

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Re: Izzy Bracelets - Maybe Bug / Maybe Not

@simmerdownMAL I, personally, don't think its a bug. Frankly, it's too consistent to be a bug. Every sparkle bracelet, for example, only shows around the bracelet, every time for every person. Also, consider other items of clothing. If you get a shirt or skirt with the sparkle effect it sparkles mainly around that item. I think some effects appear around the whole body and some only around the item they're attached to.


Now, I think it's a silly thing to have the effect located only where the bracelet is located. It's a change that they ought to make. Whatever effect the bracelet gives ought to effect the entire body, in my opinion. 

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Re: Izzy Bracelets - Maybe Bug / Maybe Not

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@KodamaTreeSpiritI also have a feather bracelet and it seems to emit feathers out from my sim's chest (so, basically whole body effect).


Note: I was kindly informed that a word that I used earlier in this post is considered a derogatory term. Though I definitely did not mean to use it in such a way, I apologize if I've inadvertently offended anyone. I have now replaced that word with a synonym. 

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Re: Izzy Bracelets - Maybe Bug / Maybe Not

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@thecakeisaLIE82Maybe bug isn’t the right word for it. How about incorrectly coded? It may function consistently for all players, but my theory is that the programmer may have left out the code on 16 bracelets to cover the whole body.

There are other things that show up for all players, but are incorrectly working in the game. For example, the 3rd head start item wasn’t working in the studio. That was just patched after I put in a report about that. How long had that been going on? Maybe since launch.

I wanted to post this earlier, but it was too large. Here’s a link to a graphic I made showing all Izzy effects:



**Edit** - 16 bracelets, not 17

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Re: Izzy Bracelets - Maybe Bug / Maybe Not

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@thecakeisaLIE82 @KodamaTreeSpirit 


You both are absolutely right about the feathery bracelet. Great catch! I mislabled that on my guide.


Also, @thecakeisaLIE82, yes that is a derogatory word. It's not new. I've mostly heard it used in UK movies, but it is also widely known. You should probably edit your post.



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Re: Izzy Bracelets - Maybe Bug / Maybe Not

@simmerdownMAL Excellent points. You're correct that there are some "bugs" that show up for all players, good example. Also, I agree that it may certainly be some code that was left out, and has been there since the beginning. It's still a relatively young game.
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Re: Izzy Bracelets - Maybe Bug / Maybe Not

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couldn’t agree more: the effects should cover all the sim, not only the bracelet. what’s the point of getting an amazing effect that you would have to zoom a thousand times to see? 


hopefully they can can work on them and make them like the others! 😀

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Re: Izzy Bracelets - Maybe Bug / Maybe Not

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@simmerdownMAL  Thanks for the graphic! I've always wanted to see all the effects.

It's the radiant effect I'm so desperate for! I love it and Izzy hasn't offered it to me yet, not once!

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Re: Izzy Bracelets - Maybe Bug / Maybe Not

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I don't think it's a bug, it's just coded that way. I always reroll whenever I get any bracelet with locally visible effects only, it's not interesting for me. It would be great if all effects on bracelets are visible on whole body like the rest of them.


I also less excited to get some effects like dust cloud, bees, flies and birds. It's not as flashy as the others. Maybe they can replaced by other effects like glitter rain, glowing peacock tail, chakra wheels, body bubble, or maybe a giant blossom where our sims floating above it. That would be fun haha... 😂 Although maybe the flower effects would take a lot of resources to render. 😝

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