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Is the party chat broken?

by renbar152

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Is the party chat broken?

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The party chat in my game is gone, it is not even there to click on. Is it just my game? Thank you 

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Re: Is the party chat broken?

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@renbar152 What type of device, model and OS version do you have?

Is this issue similar to what you experience?

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Re: Is the party chat broken?

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@SalixCat iPhone XS Max, the chat has been gone for a week. I received a replacement ph about two weeks ago but don’t remember it not working when I switched phs. When was the last update to the game? I’m worried now that I can’t see my saved FB Twitter and Apple, I looked through the list to find the app in my settings and it’s not there either. Now apple has an update and I’m not sure if I should update the ph or fix this issue first? Thanks for your help
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