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Is the game over?

by Darkhuntress2000

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Is the game over?

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I have completed all hobbies stories and only have two careers left that require heirlooms that I don’t have. Is the game over for me?

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Re: Is the game over?

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@Darkhuntress2000 no, that just means you have more careers to grind in and make simoleons. TBH I have not finished all my relationship stories. Because I really don't care. So keep grinding because Patty wants your money.
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Re: Is the game over?

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I think this game doesn't have an end.

Players make personal goals.

My goal is to adopt 100 Sims.

Each adopted Sim must reach level 3 in relationship with all family members (in household and outside household) before moving out.

I have to pause that goal to make simoleons to buy more land. 

I can move my adopted Sims to new homes.


Previous goal was clear all the land and build a big enough house for my 100 + future family. I soon learned that was impossible because you can only have so many rooms out.

I liked decorating and rearranging for a minute.

I did 3 townhomes on lot but the game doesn't recognize that this or that Sim lives in this or that house. 

Went back to one large traditional home.

Just have the 100+ family goal now.

There was a thread for challenges you may want to check out. You can try those challenges/goals for your Sims.

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Re: Is the game over?

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@DBrick01 I congratulate you on reaching that enormous goal. Sounds fun. I really like it and maybe I will think of something similar. Seems you concentrated on relationships and I have many incomplete ones. I would like to see new careers and hobbies but maybe I will try to complete the relationships as well. Thank you for this great example.
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