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Re: Inclusion Ideas for Sims 4

by panthera_umbra

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Inclusion Ideas for Sims 4

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As a Type 1 Diabetic, I feel like having an option for T1D would be amazing! It could be named something else and "insulin" could be replaced with the word "medication". The Sim with the disease would have to: check their sugar often (or check something of a different name), give "medication" injections before eating and when their levels were high, have to eat something when their levels are low, get symptoms based on their levels (such as dizziness, weakness, feeling tired, having to pee more often, feeling thirsty more often, throwing up or getting nauseated, passing out, feeling jittery, etc), and also die from uncontrolled diabetes or they could go into DKA (where your body starts to break down after you've let your diabetes get out of control and the Sims would have to go to the hospital). I don't think that you would have to stop at T1D either, it would be amazing to be able to put chronic illnesses into the base game so that it doesn't cost anything extra for those options because people like me with chronic illnesses have to pay a lot of money for our medications as is and having a game that we could relate to would really make us feel more included. This would be the first game for me that I ever got the chance to really make myself in, if y'all were to add this feature. Other thing's to consider would be wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, traches, the ability to make a Sim with a missing limb, etc. Thank you for reading.

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Re: Inclusion Ideas for Sims 4

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I sympathize with you @MommaStroner, but I am not sure if I would like to play with Sims with chronic illnesses.
I see the Sims as a fun game and would like to laugh about all sorts of ridicule situations.
Granted, I have seen enough Sims dying of: electrocution, drowning, freezing, starvation, laughter etc. but never of an illness such as hypos or hypers or shortage of breath.

I have had severe asthma and fibroses as a kid and because of all sorts of complications in the past my lung capacity at this moment is less than 30%. Luckily I don't have to use oxygen and of course I would be able to laugh at situations in which an oxygen tank would explode or a Sim would be blown up like a balloon. And of course it would depend on the exaggeration of the animation but in the whole I think it will not contribute to a better understanding of Illnesses.

I see the Sims 4 as a game in which I can escape from the harsh reality of my life. Personally I would not like to see a game in which I would happily play with a lung patient and at the same time be confronted with shortage of breath. Let alone knowing that other gamers might use that situation for their own amusement.
I know this debate is an on going one because, I have seen other comments in which there were suggestions of Sims in wheelchairs and like you stated Sims with missing limbs etc. But i really don't see the fun in that.
Overall I will definitely not suggest a gameplay with any type of disability.
But I can still understand why you would like to see your type of chronic illnesses included in the game.
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Re: Inclusion Ideas for Sims 4

Community Manager
Hi @MommaStroner,

Thanks for sharing your inclusion suggestions with us. Standard smile

- EA_Lanna

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Re: Inclusion Ideas for Sims 4

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I have Fibromyalgia, HMSD, mild Scoliosis and a bunch of other problems.

im also non binary so when the customise gender came out I was thrilled I loved it I was creating weird families like a trans vampire man who’s married to an alien man and having biological children.

id love there to be something like a wheelchair or accessible Sims, as when the Barbie in a wheelchair came out I could imagine all the children who are in wheelchairs finally getting a Barbie they relate to; even Build-A-Bear has mobility aids!

please consider this

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Re: Inclusion Ideas for Sims 4

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EA has always tried to avoid the "darker" realities of life when it comes to The Sims. Those topics can become very controversial if they are not presented very carefully and even then, you'll have many who will feel they are not included enough. Simmers have been asking for wheelchairs and prosthetic options for a good long while, since Sims 4 began many have wanted the elderly to have the option of a walking cane. Again, the problem lies in the fact that these very real situations can be triggers for people.


There was the "insanity" trait that had to be renamed the "erratic" trait because enough fuss was put up against it. I found that entire scenario ironic since so many people hated the way the trait made their Sim act, but they all calmed down when the trait's title was renamed and yet the Sim still acts that way whether it is called erratic or not.

If you want inclusion for an illness from physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, you'll have to look elsewhere. EA avoids even using the term depression, opting for moody or sad and in all the mood deaths a Sim can die from, sadness is not one of them.

The best you can do is search for mods and CC. There are people who have worked to make custom traits for many sorts of mental illnesses and a few physical problems. There are also those who will make props for medical equipment, but those are more objects than usable. The real problem often comes with the animation aspect, however.

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Re: Inclusion Ideas for Sims 4

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Maybe a weird idea, but for a long time I've wanted there to be the option to exclude sims from clubs.


When creating a club, you can make requirements for them to have certain traits (such as Bro, Music Lover, Genius etc.), and you can add any number of traits which members must have - which means if a sim has any one of those traits, they can become a member.

BUT! It's not possible to make it a requirement that they NOT HAVE a specific trait (for me, sometimes I will have wanted sims with the Evil trait or Jealous trait to not be able to join, but if they have another trait which is a requirement, right now they can). That is, it's not possible to set exclusion requirements right now. (At least that I've been able to find.)

I know I could just only choose one trait and have it be "good" which conflicts with "evil", but this isn't what I'm trying to do.. I'm not sure if it makes sense, but I want to make clubs with some diversity, but maybe just exclude a few traits that don't fit with the concept.


I think it would be really cool to be able to do this.


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Re: Inclusion Ideas for Sims 4

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@panthera_umbra Lol I am with you 100% on this one which is why I always make my clubs "by invitation only". I know it's just a game but some Sims annoy the heck out of me and there is no way I want them joining my clubs, regardless of what traits they might have.

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Re: Inclusion Ideas for Sims 4

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Just because the diversity and option would be available does not mean you have to use it. If you wouldn't like to play as a sim with a chronic illness then you wouldn't have to because you're in control. (I hope that doesn't come off mean, I was just trying to solve the problem.) Since I am a T1D and people like me are often not included or represented in pretty much anything, I would LOVE to play as a sim that has my illness for inclusion. It would be an option like the same way that hair and hair styles are an option🤷🏼

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