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In the nude...

by knitsybitsy

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In the nude...

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I had a sim go skinny dipping. I noticed that all the sims that could see him were thinking of him in thought bubbles. Some seemed shocked and gasped. I saw a few who were standing side by side seem to be whispering behind their hands. The some of them were laughing or pointing. Then a few seemed to be going "uh huh" as if they liked what they saw. 


I thought it was funny so I wanted to see what else would happen.


Anyway, he himself seemed to be having enough fun.  No embarrassing moodlets. So I had him go to the dance floor and dance around in the nude. So there didn't seem to be anything negative going on. Later I look at some of his relationships bars and a few people really hate him. But I wasn't noticing any negative red indicators, you know, the red minus sign things. I don't know what they are.


So are these people who already hated him? I just started playing him because he is just a sim that already existed in the game, Windenburg. His name is Bjorn Bjersen. He works as a spy or something, so those people might just already hated him for it. 


Or do they hate him for being nude? 



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Re: In the nude...

All existing Sims have relations that range from despised to loved. Being nude has nothing to do with it.
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