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Important Suggestions

by dnl_pereira

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Important Suggestions

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I have some suggestions for my favorite game, The Sims Mobile!


 • Sims should walk around the house and do things themselves sometimes, like watching TV and dancing,

 • Sims shouldn't be looking at each other without saying anything,

 • They should have a collision with the wall, so that they do not cross the walls sometimes,

 • Stairs should be used (animation going up the stairs),

 • Interface that does not occupy the entire screen,

 • Special events, such as Stranger Ville,

 • More ways to gain energy,

 • Gain more Simoleons with work events (450 working 6 hours? Very little!),

 • More interactions with household and children's objects,

 • Panoramic view.


 I feel that The Sims Mobile is a little incomplete, just like The Sims 4. But we are lucky that it is constantly updated. But there is still a lack of sound effects, more lines from the Sims, more music and more animations too!

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Re: Important Suggestions

★★ Novice

I agree to what he said we need those important things in TheSimsMobile like we need more animations, more voices lines for the sims because they say the same voice lines and they use the same animations on different things also we need new music added to the CAS and Build/Buy also we need an update for TheSimsMobile where CAS and Build/Buy gets overhauled with new items. And last we don’t need a lot of paid packs to get more furniture and clothes like we need a update to CAS and Build/Buy that adds more items to it and I mentioned this things before.

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