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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

by themummyof4

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Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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Hello there fellow Simmers! I think it's time we start a thread relating to ideas/suggestions for The Sims Mobile, I have read alot of ideas and suggestions from other Simmers and it would be neat and great if we read it all in one place. Standard smile

My first thought was when I saw these cool houses advertised on the Play Store (I'm on Android), the Sims Mobile Team was overlaping rooms , so I suggest, what about disabling a particular wall (or cutting it) so we can do L-Shaped rooms or any design. Its mechanics could be that, "Cut or Disable Wall - requires a wall being connected to another enclosed room", for example:
(Red Line - cut or disabled wall)

*Open spoiler to see..





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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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I have suggestions for energy giving items:

Coffee (from coffee machine) - may give us a slight energy to recover, what good is a coffee machine if you can't make good coffee, decoration maybe? 

Massage Table - Yes that having said, a good massage should make you feel energized and refreshed! Also requires another sim, and interactions could be "Get a massage from (Sim Name)"

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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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I have suggestion for social feature in sims mobile. Probably something to let us visit our friends everytime we view their home, it would be better if we could just interact right away instead of waiting for party (which occurs once per week and thats too bad)
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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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@kvinata I agree. I would like visit my friends house and interact /give stickers immediately. It's hard to track them down if they are not appearing in the game. When I'm lucky enough to catch one, I add to contacts. When I want to interact, I call them over.

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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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@kvinata Indeed, the feature everyone's looking for. It would make a great addition to the game, visiting a friend's house.
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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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I finally bit the bullet and attempted a relationship with another player’s sim. They’re to the point now where they’re able to propose, which would normally be great. However:

1. From looking at the other player’s house, there is another sim in the house who very well may already be in a relationship with my sim’s love interest. Since I can’t see the interest’s status, I have no way to know.
2. I can’t tell if the other player would prefer to give me their sim or take mine. If they want to take mine, I don’t have any way of being able to tell if they have an open slot to accept my sim.
3. I can’t communicate with this player to sort any of this out, because the only way to message them would be a public broadcast at a party. And that’s assuming they even see the message or respond.

So, yeah. A better system in-game for initiating relationships with other players would be wonderful to see as part of a future update.
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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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Yes, I managed a relationship, but we had oodles of private messages, it was really complex, but I am glad we managed, as it's fun to share Sims. It should be much easier though, once I got engaged, person moved in, turned out he was already married!!
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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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We have some suggestions for things relating to parties:


@rodenhennig's suggestion for a rework on Party Animal trait from this thread:

•Gives bonus party entries! (raises +1 per star level; additional party entries do not stack with other Sims that also have this trait)


Also, I suggest that it should reward Party points properly! It is an underrated trait to have right now, and I think this trait was left out and still for beta (soft launch) version, it is not working to help Parties level up faster.


Party leveling is very tedious, especially when you're the host, having it reward Party Points would help us somehow.


An option to share the party using a Party Code (without having to be Friends)

Yes of course! This also calls for a 'Party Code Search Bar' option, wherein you enter the code of the party, and voila, party found!


Without having to add them, with the party code, you can search for a specific party and join right in! A perfect feature for the Party Plaza! 


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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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In addtion to that @kvinata, maybe we could trigger a 'Visit Event' that can boost Relationship Points earned when interacting with their Sims as a reward for visiting.

And as a bonus, maybe even have a Chat with them when they are online in-game. Notifications also come to the player to claim 'Visit Rewards', that being Relationship Points for his Sim to yours.


And also, I want to suggest about being able to move the mailbox, somehow, for design purposes I want it near my doorstep because I'm putting up foliage in front of my home. Of course, the mailbox cannot be put into storage.

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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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Regarding friends, I'd like a way to clean up my friends list... lots of inactive players filling up the list 😞
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