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I absolutely agree, we already have a messaging system for parties, so hopefully we can get them for homes too. So you can leave a little message, maybe asking if their Sim is still single, or complimenting their house. 


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Re: Suggestion to The Sims Mobile

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I know you can during parties, but I think that's it.

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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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Fashion Wishlist 💋

. beauty marks
. more hairstyles, please (vintage era)
. UNIVERSAL apparel (make apparel available to both male and female)
. customizable color editor for clothing and accessories
. opera-length gloves
. coats, shrugs, shawls
. parasol, walking stick (Park-Avenuesque), feather fan, long cigarette holder
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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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As I go up in levels, I see more and more furniture unlocked.  Okay, that's not bad.  but what I'd really like to see is more cosmetic options for my character(s).  I'd like to see more hairstyles, more beard styles, more clothing, etc.  Can we get some more of those?

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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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Here's another idea.


I see that one of the recurring special events includes painting.  Why isn't this a hobby?  I'd love to have my Sim pursue art.  Household items could include a drawing table, an easel, and a life-size or table-top poseable mannequin.  decorations could include things like a landscape painting, a still-life painting, etc.

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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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(I'm hoping the EA folks actually monitor these).

Here's another idea:  Add more outdoor stuff, like patios and decks.  I'm fine with making the patio something you have to buy, like a room, but at least let me do it.  Then we should also get to place patio decorations, like potted plants, chimeneas, bar-b-cue grills, patio chair and lounges, etc.  All the programing would be the same as filling in a room, but there wouldn't be walls.

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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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Massage tables are a nice idea, as a useable reward from a Cosmetologist job would be great. A day spa would make a nice addition to the game, could unlock new hairstyles or sim beauty enhancements as a reward as well. A spa could add chances to get promotional opportunities like the ASOS event from health and beauty companies, I’m all for in game cross promotion if we get awesome items to use even if they don’t come with an event too.
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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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I think in regards to the heirloom tickets the game is really imbalanced:
-It's easy to ears green tickets and to collect all the 1-star trophies. (I managed that in 6 weeks)
- but then it takes really long to collect 40 blue tickets, I have 37 after playing for two and a half months.
- and purple one's even seem impossible to collect.

The problem with that is that the heirloom game aspect looses importance after you have all the 1-star trophies. Because the other tickets are just sooo hard to get. It doesn't even really make sense to retire your Sims, because you still get the 1-star trophies and you can only sell them for 4 blue tickets. And on the other hand you have to restart your carries and hobbys, which makes you earn less Simleons. Plus in the regular game play you can only earn green tickets, but they're useless after you have all the 1-heirlooms.

So my suggestion is to work on that imbalance because the idea of the heirlooms is actually a lot of fun. For example, when a player has all the 1-heirlooms, he/she should be able to earn blue (and later purple) tickets in family events with children and older people. Or one should be able to exchange green tickets for blue ones.

Also, after you leveld up to level 40 and you finished all the friendship stories, the heirlooms for that really don't give you an advantage in the game anymore because it doesn't matter anymore how quickly finish friendships events.
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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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Lockable doors - Getting tired of moving the loo into the lounge room to replenish my energy. Would love a way to stop/block random family members hanging out in the bathroom.


Yoga mats outside - allow us to move the yoga mats outside, I yoga outside, why can't my sims? Seriously out of everything, even bugs, I wish I could move those mats outside, it's my sims mobile pet peeve. 


Gender career unlockables - females and males get different rewards, that way after you level a career/hobby to max it's not done, you can take a different gender through to unlock new items.


More career decor items - especially the restaurant as it's so empty (OR allow us to move some inventory items into these spaces??? IDK there are spaces that need stuff placed!)


Implement random/RNG rewards - This game gets stale fast when you've completed all jobs/hobbies/relationships, if they had a max level item that was random from a large pool of items it'll keep us taking new sims through those jobs/hobbies/relationships trying to unlock the max level set.


Sell Inventory stock - ability to sell Inventory stock... yep


[new] Don’t touch flagging - breaks my heart when I break others hearts by rejecting a request to move in (I always make my ladies heavily preggas to let the other party know the reason why I rejected them is because they’re happily married/engaged with kids) If in the sims panel there is a switch we can flick on or off which flags them as unavailable then I figure I wouldn’t break up so many relationships & squash dreams.


Allow bb.moveobjects :eahigh_file:

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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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WOW....all of these suggestions are awesome! Please EA I want them ALL! 😆😊

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