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Re: Ideas For Future Expansion Packs

by PugLove888

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Ideas For Future Expansion Packs

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Hello SIMS Family, 


I have always loved the Scandinavian look in country homes. They are charming, beautiful, and people are resourceful of working the land. I have always wanted to have a few items that look more Scandinavian in SIMS; Fireplaces, Mora Clocks, Dala Horses, crafting, lakeside, fjords, cottages, animals, and life in the Northern European wilderness. Any ideas out there for life in Northern Europe? 

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Re: Ideas For Future Expansion Packs


@WAWhitehall I love this style and the type of content you're describing! It would be a lovely mix with a farm pack (a hope I have for a future pack also). Those fireplaces in your pics are beautiful!


There are a number of builders who have used creativity to achieve some Northern European style homes for some building challenges that come to my mind, though I most certainly am missing the mark for accuracy on the styling you have in mind. I'm thinking of cabins, 'farm-style' homes, and other styles that give such a feel. As I look at your sample homes, for instance, I can think of quite a number of build items that would work nicely to mimic the style/feel, in some approximation. As a builder in the game, I love this type of challenge. Of course, if more items are added to the game that fit well into this style, it will be less challenging and more possible to hit these styles with more accuracy. 


Please also keep in mind that if you don't own all of the packs for the game you will likely not see available many of the items I'm thinking of that fit this style.


I don't use CC (Custom Content), but if you do I expect you can find even more items in that style, if you search.


Anyway, bottom line, I will 'me too' your post and add my 'XP', as I think this is a lovely idea!

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Re: Ideas For Future Expansion Packs


@WAWhitehall , yes, the Scandinavian architecture is charming and I love the pictures of the fireplaces you included! 💗  I would love more of this style in the game! 

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