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Re: Idea for a update to the sims 4

by B10HAZARDx333

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Idea for a update to the sims 4

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wouldt it just be so awesome if you could move into a already taken house with the family but you wouldt have to control them you would only control the sim (s) you made!! Also only paying only a few thousand to be a roomate with them or rent with them (city living) i think it would be cool to have roommates a free update so you could actually play with base game sims with your own sim (s) without worrying one of the other sims will die because you cant control them
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Re: Idea for a update to the sims 4

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Yeah, i agree that would be good.

They probably will add that in a future pack though as that was in the sims 3, can't remember which one 'might have been university. Standard smile

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