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I would love for an Afterlife Game pack

by Imhot856

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I would love for an Afterlife Game pack

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I think it would be awesome if the SIms 4 added an afterlife to the game besides ghosts. I think it would be cool if they added a Heaven, it doesn't have to be religious nor does it have be called heaven. I understand that can be alot of lag but it would be nice if we can see like a glimpse of our sims in heaven when they die and thats it, like they can still keep ghosts, but maybe when they released the spirit they would move on rather it being called the netherworld cause im pretty sure that means hell lol. I was thinking a Greek mythology based, underworld where the ghosts come and when you bury a coin for them to cross over is kinda like releasing their spirit. Elysium is the heaven. 

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