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Betreff: I think the stairs are a scam

by jayivy666

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I think the stairs are a scam

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I realized that sims do not need stairs in this game to go to other floors, if you have a multi level house they will appear on different floors on their own and you can do tasks in on different floors. This is great and I’m not complaining because at least then the game is still fun and playable without NEEDING to buy those stairs. But those stairs are so insanely expensive and you literally need a whole room just for them to put them in bc they’re so huge. I just wanted to make mention of this because I saw some posts about people trying to get the stairs, but truthfully you don’t need them and they’re just decoration 

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Betreff: I think the stairs are a scam

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@rnyc4b Hello!

Well its for the design. They really look amazing when you spot sofas, plants, decorations or othet furniture under them. Makes your house look more realistic.
Do not forget it is an App Game with very detailed graphics even if some still look a bit pixelled..... and they worked on it to make multibuild function.
The game needs special sizes on your phone or tablet to not break down the whole some stuff is not possible or they need to work on it.
If you play the Sims Mobile longer you had noticed how amazing stuff was added.

I know not all is perfect but for an App game it really can do a lot.

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