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I'm getting bored...

by FreezerSim

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I'm getting bored...

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I've been really bored of playing The Sims Mobile lately. I strongly love this game but it's becoming so difficult to find the desire to play every day in a satisfying way, there are not so much content... It seems to be a game focused only on sending your sims to work and then spending all the money earned in that boring sweet treats showdown.

Everything is so repetitive...

New updates are released so much slower than before... 

We have always been used to have one update per month, now it seems that new  updates are released every 1.5/2 month...



The STS last too long, why 15/20 days? Omg it's really too much for this type of event


And these ..... Colors swatches why? I'd like it to go back to the way it was when we didn't have to pay for each color.


And let me say that I totally hate Wumples Wishlist and LZ tasks... It's so underwhelming to work that hard to get crappy items.



My friend list is almost full of inactive players.

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Re: I'm getting bored...

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@FreezerSim STS has are usually 15 days or 11 days. The blog post says 20 days because there's a few days to trigger the event. We mostly get 15 days of STS, we only had 11 days STS two times. Now get back to grinding out your simoleons, Patty wants to get paid.
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Re: I'm getting bored...

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ICAM.  I feel the exact same way!  Great Post! 

I’ve been playing almost from Day 1 and really loved it when it first started.  


But, I’m also bored by the repetitive, long STS events, hate the Llama Zooms (because now apparently nearly everything you try to buy has a llama token attached to the price, the color swatch change has been awful, (can’t tell you how many items from the STS I can’t even use because I didn’t get all the colors &  Wumples  prizes aren’t very enticing for the amount of time invested.  I would feel better doing them for something like earning an Heirloom for New C. H. R. Stories.  Or really nice Hairstyles, Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry - not just save them for the expensive Packs.

I’m still PO’d about the Modeling Career being attached to a STS.  
We desperately need New Careers, Hobbies, & Relationship Stories to be a bigger part of the game, but not by having to “buy” it via STS or expensive Packs.

I also prefer the way the “old” events were done  (original Halloween, WinterFest, Luxury etc) & wish they would alternate between repeating those or better yet create new ones & having STS quarterly (if at all) 

Sadly, I don’t think we’re the only ones who feel this way 




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Re: I'm getting bored...

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@katclawsx3 Yes..there is a lot which could get added to the main game and not only in STS getable...

And even if you had finished the modeling career you only got work items for your home..the camera and so on...

The hair and clothes you had to pay in the packs...😑😑😑😑😑

I did not like it ....
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Re: I'm getting bored...

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I take a break. When you come back it feels new again.

Although you lose out on certain items that you want (Still bummed about missing out on the washer/dryer).

However, I have never won any of the grand prizes from the STS. 

Do not think I ever will; therefore when I need a break I take it.

Hopefully all your friends will not drop you like a hot potato because you have not played in 459 days.



Then you have plain old disappointment.

Hard to overcome when you are being nickeled and dimed for everything.

Takes the fun out of the game.

Not much to do but start a petition. 


I do not mind the llama zoom, but really just 1 llama no matter how many activities you have to complete. 

Sorry but a color is not a prize.

I just purchased said lamp for 35 now it is 50. My paycheck has not increased in years, why are you applying inflation on the same item.



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Re: I'm getting bored...

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@givememore86 Thank you for pointing this out, but I still think that even 15 days is too much... something like 10 days would be good. Thing that they could easily do if they took all those crappy color swatches off.

This event is so boring. 15 days to win colors. 

Let's be honest, they added color swatches just to increase the duration of events and give us the impression of getting more prizes, when actually we don't get more prizes but we only waste more time to get all.


@katclawsx3 Careers! there is absolutely need of new careers, I totally agree, but not only new career, because I don't want them to be stacked all in the same space as it is happening now. Also new work buildings. Would be so perfect! We need new places & careers! 🥰

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Re: I'm getting bored...

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Me too. There’s no new content. Same careers and hobbies. No incentives to continue playing. Generations were fun but now I am on my fourth one and the only content is for them to do the same things the previous generations did. 

I see no purpose to the LZ task and even the reward for completing them is ONE token.Whoopie!


i find my self playing less and less

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