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Rif.: I got the new Edgewater Quay mansion

by kg122cin3h6t

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I got the new Edgewater Quay mansion

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I need to know if you guys know the answer to this. I got the mansion that was released when they did the update where they gave us the floors. The mansion is amazing and it’s fully furnished and gives you SO much stuff that would take forever to work for in the game to get individually. I spent a really long time redecorating a few things and bringing some things from my original house to it. This is where I am livid. IT DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO HOST A PARTY THERE!!! If you want to host a party you have to do it at your old house only! WTF?!?! Other players can’t even see that you have it. Has anyone heard of this or know if this is something that will be changed? Part of the fun of decorating and having it is so other players can see it and I don’t know why you can’t choose which house to host your party at. Is this the case with any second house you would get? Let me know your thoughts on this. 

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Rif.: I got the new Edgewater Quay mansion

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For now the game doesn't allow you to switch your main lot. And you can host parties only in your main lot.


We all hope this feature gets implemented at a later stage.

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