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I don't feel like it's Christmas

by ItsKatlyn99

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I don't feel like it's Christmas

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Another Christmas has arrived, and for the second time I can't feel the magic of Christmas, an engaging story... nothing at all, just another Sweet Treat Showdown.

The worst thing is that as a player of The Sims Mobile I feel envious watching Christmas from the point of view of The Sims Freeplay players, it all seems so magical, and they get a cute furnished lake house as a reward, instead we get just some blurred objects with a ton of colours swatches. I'm not very happy about this, I don't want to be bad, just a realist... I only like the grand prizes.

And where did all the Christmas decorations go? This year we got decorations only at the Parkside... Frown I'm so sad



The only thing that I liked of this update is the neighborhood, that's good, even if a lot of money are needed to buy/clean and make an home with new furnitures in the new lots so is almost useless..

But this Christmas... Meh... Disappointing

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Re: I don't feel like it's Christmas

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@ItsKatlyn99   I could go one step further, the packs themselves. When Maxis did paid packs they included simcash. The packs that we get today contains simoleons. Take this pack for example, I would most likely cop this one if simcash was included. I can make 9k simoleons in the game in less than a week. But it's much harder to make simcash. They just lost a sale because of this. They know people are looking for simcash considering STS takes a lot of simcash.


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