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I am having all kinds of issues with Sims 4 (Xbox1)

by Poppisiede

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I am having all kinds of issues with Sims 4 (Xbox1)

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I am having all kinds of issues with Sims 4. Kind of frustrating since I've spent so much money on all the packs and it doesn't work right half the time. I play on an Xbox One by the way.


1. My biggest issue is half the time it won't load. I could sit in that loading menu for hours sometimes. Takes several times of me shutting off my Xbox and turning it back on before it will work. That doesn't always work either.


2. In character creation mode I can't get my sim to turn. So if I wanted to see what my sim looks like from the back or adjust their butt or something it's not possible.


3. Also, in character creation mode I cannot get my bumpers to work. It makes it into a real pain in the butt when I want to cycle through outfits and I have to do it manually.


4. My bumpers also do not work in build mod either so if I want to turn a table or something it's not possible.


5. Lastly, when I can get my game to work, which isn't often. It crashes, a lot and I lose progress half the time.


I've bought all but 3 packs now and I would like to be able to play. There's nothing wrong with my console, I play Call of Duty and Skyrim just fine only the Sims 4 has issues. This is a problem EA needs to fix. It all started 2 updates ago, so whatever you guys did it messed up my game. Please fix these issues. I spent hundreds of dollars on this and I expect it to work. I'm not into giving EA money for the hell of it. I like the games you put out, but they gotta work people.

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