Re: Can you purchase packs from both Epic and Steam?

by AlenaFenomena

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Re: epic

@Costa I was actually in the same position as you (only missing the kit), and had no problems with it.

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Re: Can you purchase packs from both Epic and Steam?

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hey can i transfer my my sims character from my steam to my epic game? (sorry for my bad english)



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Steam DLC wont download on EA

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So I changed from steam to EA for the new free packs and the DLC's I bought from steam will not download, they just say "managed on steam" but I can't rebuy the DLC's on EA because whenever I go onto the store it says the same thing. So what am I meant to do? Can I just never use those dlc packs again unless I use steam and therefore not use the ones I got for free unless I use EA? I'm actually begging for help, I've been trying the entire day.

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Re: Sims 4 steam dlc wont transfer to ea app

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How do you buy the pack from ea if u already have it on steam? I tried and it said "managed on steam" and didn't give me any options to buy it

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Re: Can you purchase packs from both Epic and Steam?

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FWIW my milage totally varied. I thought it wouldn't work for me since I usually play thru Steam. But I thought there was a chance that I might be able to play just the free basegame and free packs thru Epic/EA so I decoupled my Steam acct from EA since I wasn't able to launch the game thru Epic with the Steam acct coupled. But (possibly due to issues with the new EA launcher) I wasn't able to launch the Epic download thru EA either (I got that "error on our end" message everyone's been getting.) Then I recoupled Steam to EA and couldn't launch the game thru Steam either, briefly panicked, then fully shut down both EA and Steam, relaunched, and loaded in perfectly. AND THE FREE DLC FROM EPIC SHOWED UP!!! Party hat So I was able to stream some Jungle Adventures AND have access to the DLC I'd purchased thru Steam. 

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Re: Can you purchase packs from both Epic and Steam?

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@noob_gembel12  If you mean can you transfer your saves, technically the answer is yes: Sims 4 saves will work with any type of install, and they'll even transfer from Windows to macOS or vice versa.  However, you can't transfer the DLC you've bought in Steam to Epic.  Anything you've bought through Steam will need to be installed through Steam.  So if you own expansions there, and you install through Epic, you won't have access to those expansions, and then your saves might not work properly or might not even open.


@fxxkgravity7  I've merged your post with the master thread for these questions.  No, you can't transfer your Steam-owned content to the EA App.  Anything you've bought through Steam will only work with a Steam-installed base game.


Additionally, you can't directly buy your Steam-owned packs again in the EA App.  You could unlink your Steam and EA accounts, then clear the App's cache and buy the packs again; or you could buy the packs from an authorized third-party seller and register the packs within the EA App.  Neither is guaranteed to work though: the EA App sometimes still blocks people from rebuying their content, and a third-party code might not ovverride the Steam content.


However, it looks from other players' posts (including the one immediately below yours) that you can in fact get your Epic-owned packs to show up in the EA App.  You may need to uninstall the Steam version, install from Epic, and launch the game once from Epic before the Epic-owned packs will show up in the EA App.  But once that happens, you can uninstall the Epic version, install the Steam version again, and download the Epic-owned packs through the EA App.  I think.  I haven't tested this myself; I'm only going from other reports.


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Re: Can you purchase packs from both Epic and Steam?

@AlenaFenomena That is good to know. Thanks for the info.

Good Luck


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Re: can i transfer expansions between stores ( Pc)

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Well I will explain it shortly!!


I have The Sims 4 base game on Steam linked to my EA App account, so I had download the free packs on Epic Games...

Then I went to EA App and go to the Manage DLC option... There I had the option to download on EA the free packs.

Because of having the packs on EA App, it works with my game from Steam. I play normally, and the content works for me.




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This is how to get Epic Games free bundle & play it through your Steam or EA App

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Hi, I'm a newcomer here.

I already have The Sims 4 on Steam and here's how I can claim the free bundle from Epic Games and play it through my Steam or EA App:


1. You have downloaded The Sims 4 from Steam and have also installed and logged in to the EA App (If you haven't downloaded it yet, please download it first and make sure your Steam and EA accounts are linked)

2. Go to Epic Games and Buy The Sims 4 at Epic Games (Free)

3. Claim the Free Bundle at Epic Games

4. Click Launch The Sims 4 in your Epic Games Library (This will automatically open the EA App on your PC)


  • After the EA App opens you will get a notification to link your Epic Games account with the EA App and yes just link it.
  • You will also get a notification that you have to "get the game", don't panic! This notification is because The Sims 4 base game on your EA App has already been linked to your Steam account, just close the notification.

5. Download all the free packs that you got from Epic Games through your EA App (Click on Manage add-ons and download all the free packs)

6. Run the game from EA App or Steam and enjoy playing The Sims 4 with your free bundle

Sorry for my bad English, hope this helps and have a nice day.

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Re: epic

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It's worked, thank you  @mate54 

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