How To Get Help for Persistent Bugs

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Yes, I’m so glad this issue is being noticed. I had a glitch a few weeks ago where I lost purchased items, stored items, and won items during the Camping event. I received 3 phone calls and was told nothing could be done. I also lost my Jeong Sim who had married into the 1 Landgraab Avenue family. She is still listed as a Roommate under contacts but she is not living on any of my 7 lots. She wanders around randomly as a Townie which is very depressing because my Sim has lost his wife and our household has lost a beloved roommate. I have no idea how to restore her former status and back return her back into her home. 

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Re: How To Get Help for Persistent Bugs

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I never get any support answers or help from

Answers HQ. Everything I post is basically ignored. I guess you have to know the top people. Fortunately I do get immediate attention from EA in the form of phone calls. Which I really appreciate. Isn’t much of a community if the trendy posters of Answer HQ only answer each other and ignore us lower class posters. Anyways. I was able to figure out that divorce does permanently remove the sim from the home. Only 3 seconds of a EA Game Changers time and I could have been told that. I depend on EA Help thank god better then being totally ignored by the big wigs of Answer HQ. Once you divorce the sim leaves the household and becomes a townie. You can select that divorced sim for a hangout and choose Flirt as action and it will give you the option of Propose as a Hangout event. 

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Re: How To Get Help for Persistent Bugs

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@SalixCat Hi, I'm currently experiencing this problem and I'm unsure if I should send a ticket. What should I do? Thank you.
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Re: How To Get Help for Persistent Bugs

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Hi. I assume that this was an issue December 2021. Strange deja vu ….but November 2022 I am having the same issue…

Device: IPad & everything is updated.
Google Play system update october 2022
WiFi and Data both connected and working for other apps.

I have tried: clearing cache, deleting unused apps, uninstalling & reinstalling, turning off wifi at source, restarting iPad.

I am connected to Google Play on the app, but also can't play from there.
After reinstalling I get to where I can choose to start a new game or install from the cloud. Then it says it will download and I get right back to “where’s your network?”

would like to know if others are having this same issue in November 2022. If tech support is working on it? Should I just be patient?Is there anything I can do to help fix? Any suggestions?

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