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House Templates FAQ

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Pre-built home designs let you build your Sim’s next dream home instantly!



Sul Sul, 


Welcome to our new House Templates build mode feature! 


Effortlessly select from the new range of pre-built home designs to instantly turn your Sim’s dream home into a reality, by just lifting one finger to start construction! You’ll save time and Simoleons with curated layouts full of everything you need, free from the stress of building something from scratch! That’s right - leave the hard work up to us so you can sit back, relax and count down the seconds until your Sims warm welcome home is ready. 


Feature Overview


Q – What is the benefit of placing a house template instead of just building a design myself?

A – We’re really excited about the new series of inspiring home designs that our expert game designers have curated, especially for you! Sometimes we get stuck deciding on a starting point when we’ve got an empty lot of land, so these pre-built houses could be the perfect option for your Sims as they are – or something you can build upon!


Q – Where do I find the house templates menu?

A – Once you’ve completed up to Player Level 2, jump into Build Mode and you’ll see a new icon on the bottom right-hand corner that looks like a house on scroll of paper and it will take you to the Designer Homes Catalog. From there, you’ll be able to preview each design and take a tour of the house before you commit! 


Q – What's included in each house template and how much do they cost? 

A – Each template we’ve created ranges in square footage/ blueprint size, stories/floors, rooms, Build/Buy accessories and layout design! 


Q – Woah! Why did you move the mailbox?

A – Yay, that's correct! We’ve heard your many requests to relocate the mailbox away from the land area. We’ve placed it on the nature strip on all house lots now, to give you plenty of room for building as close to the road as possible.


Q – When purchasing a house template, will the rooms add to the number of previously owned rooms?

 Not exactly, applying a House Template will just unlock the amount of rooms you need for applying it. Take note of how many rooms you own in total on a house lot before you purchase a house template. That's number of rooms placed on the lot plus rooms in your inventory. So, if you own two rooms in total and the template has three rooms, you only gain one extra room.


Q – Alright, I’ve spotted a template I love and know exactly which lot I’d like to place it on. Where do I begin? 

A – House templates can be placed on any lot of land, even if there is a house currently on it! Head to the Designer Homes Catalog in Build/Buy, tap the purchase button on your desired house and then ‘purchase and apply’ to clear your current lot and apply the house on the lot. If the house template is too big for the land, it won’t let you place it.


Q – If I decide to clear a lot that already has a house on it, what happens to all my items?

A – To support the launch of this new feature, we’ve also created a handy ‘bulldoze’ button! If the lot you had in mind already has a building on it, the bulldozer will return all your items from your old house to your Storage in Build/Buy (and you can watch it all fly across the screen)! 


Q - How long does it take for a house template to be fully constructed once I purchase it?

A – Your new house template will be ready to move in no time! Sunny’s bulldozer and construction crew are highly efficient!


Q – I want to place the house template I just purchased on a second lot of land. Is that possible? 

A – It sure is, however each time you want a place a house template it will incur an additional cost (the same cost as the first time you placed it). And every time you place a house template it will add the items as new, like you are purchasing all the furnishings again.


Q - Will my land expansions get in the way of applying a house template?

When a house template footage you’re applying overlaps with land expansions on your lot, you can say goodbye overlapping land expansions! It’s pretty handy for clearing out some space!


Q – Can I make my own house templates?

This is currently not supported, but we're exploring how this could work for a future update. 

See? Turns out, building your dream home is easier than you think. Hello, housewarming! We can’t wait to see what building modifications you make to our house templates! Show us by adding #TheSimsMobile hashtag to your posts on Twitter and Instagram, Simmers!


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