Hobby and Career Quests

by T21GymnastMom29

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Hobby and Career Quests

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Is there a way to get quests for hobbies and careers; Surgeon, Internet Icon, Modeling, Photography, Secret Agent, Dance? I’m on level 47, and haven’t seen a quest for them yet. I still have other heirlooms to get, that don’t have a hobby or career connected, and don’t want to spend all my SimCash “rolling the dice” trying to get one. But, it will still take a while before I get them with tickets. 
Are those quests gone, or is there a way to “jump start” the quests? 

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Re: Hobby and Career Quests

@T21GymnastMom29 Hi, sorry for the late reply. I think the quests should’ve popped up already if they were going to pop up. Don’t remember the specific levels but if I remember correctly they all pop up before reaching level 25.

Don’t know if these heirlooms pop up from the heirloom boxes but Surgeon, Internet Icon, Chance to Dance, Secret Agent and Photography are rotating in the heirloom store for players to buy.

Modeling heirloom was a grand prize in Catwalk Fabulous STS and it got a rerun last fall. As far as I know, the heirloom isn’t available at the moment.

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Re: Hobby and Career Quests

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@Ilois4 Thank you. None of them showed before level 25. I guess I’ll wait and see what comes around and buy with SimCash when I can. Kind of a bummer, though.
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