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by demonripper999

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I am trying to fig out what these different symbols mean in the chat boxes some have a chef's hat some had glasses some have a wrench and some with feet prints I know most of the others but what does the feet print mean 

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The feet means you need to move to get closer to complete the action.
This one for example means you are too far away to complete this action.
The glasses mean this is an action that will increase charisma.


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@demonripper999 I thought the pair of feet ment that your sim has to stand up. I think your sim is sitting down somewhere. And of course you are also right, @EuphorialQueen, about the glasses and that the sim has to move closer in order to complete the action.
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@demonripper999 Unless I missed it I think the two other icons you mentioned weren't already addressed? In addition to @EuphorialQueen 's excellent and correct answer to your direct question about the footprints (plus the glasses), if you were also curious about the other icons you mentioned (I assumed so, but maybe you only wanted to know about the footprints?). So, just in case:

The Chef's hat icon appears with 'Discuss Gourmet Dishes' (my sim has Gourmet Cooking of 10 so he gets this option in a discussion menu) ...

...and the Wrench icon appears under upgrade options on items or in discussions next to 'Brag about Handiness' (my sim has Handiness of 10 so he gets this option in a discussion menu).
Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 6.45.54 PM.png


Which options appear depend on a number of factors, and some only show if you have enough skill or knowledge in a particular area (like with these two).

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