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Head start items.

by powalola227

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Head start items.

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I realized right after buying decorative bust(125 simcash) that it doesn’t boost short event time; it improves standard and long events but not the short one(it sucks a bit because 90% of the time I’m doing short time events). Same happened with women shoe rack(85 simcash), it improves standard and long time events but not the short one.


And well, I guess it’s the same in all the other hobbies/careers.


Lets point that it’s not the item itself, because if I store all head start items and put only the decorative bust for example, it does boost the time of the short event.


What really happens is that the first 1 or 2 head start items you place boost all events(short, standard and long) but the 3rd one only boosts standard and long times.


Just wanted to know if it’s intended to work this way or it’s a bug.


And in case it’s the way it works, let new people know before spending simcash, that they will not get a boost on short event times.



Kind regards.

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Re: Head start items.

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@powalola227 I will ask if this is intended or a bug.
At what level of this story are you?

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