Good Job with the DLC: Werewolves

by daikoyu

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Good Job with the DLC: Werewolves

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★★★★★ Guide

This DLC is truly good, and I encountered only little bugs in vanilla gameplay (which I can easily ignore). I love the lore and the townies which came with this pack. The world is beautiful (I just wished we got 2-3 more lots), and the gameplay is truly fantastic!


I love that we can paint werewolves and the skill-tree is just wonderful! I love the struggle with fury specially in the beginning. This Fate-Mate thing is interesting and very easy to manipulation that you get the fate-mate which you want (As long you don’t play with NAPS and your love interest is a werewolf!) The integration with other dlc's (specially vampires) are nice. I like the initiate hate and the buff which your vamp gets if he/she/they/them drink from a werewolf. I loved that my dogs howl with my werewolves, all these little details are wonderful.


It’s a long time that we get a such good DLC without many issues and bugs. The team which worked on these DLC created a truly new occult masterpiece after vampires, so I just want to say thank you for this DLC! I am very satisfied as occult player and now we can get all the boring RL-Stuff (*cough* high school, better babies, lawnmowing etc. *cough*) //I will only complaint if I encounter bugs or design choice which truly are *Ein Dorn im Auge* is.

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