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Re: Get Together Group Dance Not Working

by kpscarbrough

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Get Together Group Dance Not Working

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Updated Sims 4 today - been awhile since I've played - noticed that group dance in Get Together doesn't work.  When you choose "group dance" on the dance floor the other sims just stand there and watch you dance - anyone else have this problem and know a solution?

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Re: Get Together Group Dance Not Working


@kpscarbroughI checked the Bur Report list and there isn't one on this topic.  Do you play on a console or on a PC/Mac?  If you play on a PC or Mac, do you happen to use any Mods or Custom Content (CC)? Wondering  If you use Mods/CC please try the following steps to troubleshoot:

Please do all of the following:

1) Move the Mods Folder to your desktop

2) Delete localthumbcache.package file in the game folder.

3) Fix you game in Origin by logging in and go to Library, then right-click on The Sims 4 and choose the "Repair Game" option from the list.  Wait until Origin finishes repairing all your packs and not just the base game.

4) Now, when you turn on your game again, it will create a new mods folder that will be empty.  Check to see if your game is now working without mods/CC.

5) Now you can try adding back items from your Mods folder one at a time checking your game each time to see which item is causing your game to not work properly.  If you have a lot of items, you can try the 50/50 Method. 

The CC creators will usually update the CC items and Mods after these updates, so when you find out which one is the culprit, you can get the updated version from whoever made that item of CC in the first place.  You should try these steps anytime you have problems in your game to rule out CC/Mods problems.  It is the responsibility of the Mods/CC creators to update their items anytime EA releases a patch/update, and it is the responsibility of the people who use Mods/CC to make sure they are using the most recent version. 

If you do not use any Mods or CC , or if this doesn't work, there could be something else causing the problem.  
Does this happen to all Sims who try the Group Dance action?Thinking  Does it happen in another Save Game file as well as your main one?Wondering

Please update us on these matters! Angel

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Re: Get Together Group Dance Not Working

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Hi @kpscarbrough Is this in a new save? I am not 100% sure if NPC's with no Dance skills are able to do a Group Dance. I just checked in my game and I'm not having any problems with it. Just to verify, you've done the Action > Form Group or Add to Group with at least one other Sim before trying this?

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Re: Get Together Group Dance Not Working

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Thank you for the response.  I figured out what happened.  Since I had not played in awhile I also had to update mccc.  About 1 of 4 mods I use.  I did not update the scripts and that was causing it for whatever reason.  I also had not realized that club members were not changing to their club outfit and that was fixed as well.  Thank you for your time!!

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