Game almost unplayable at this point

by lilbmont

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Game almost unplayable at this point

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So, for as long as I can remember my game has had a problem where sometimes, if I try to take a sim to another lot, it won't load and will go to the worlds screen. Then if I try to go back to any lot at all, including home, it will keep not loading and going back to the worlds screen, so I have to exit the game and restart. Thing is, when I click 'save & exit', it will load like its saving, but when I start the game back up, everything is gone - it didn't save. Last night I spent two hours decorating my sims house and making outfits for her - when I tried to play it started doing the worlds screen thing so I clicked save & exit and went to bed. This morning I start the game back up and its all gone. The house is empty, the outfits all gone, all the gameplay I started gone. I am so fed up of this. This used to be every so often, but now its every. single. time. I have deleted as much custom content as I can so my mods folder has about 7.11GB. Do I need to delete more? Is this a problem with the game or my laptop? 

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Re: Game almost unplayable at this point

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Do you have any Mods or CC? If so move your Mods folder to the Desktop and delete localthumbcache.package. Then test the game.

If it works now check for updates to your Mods and CC. Add it back a little at a time while testing until you have found all that are broken.

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