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Re: Flooded with ideas last night for The Sims

by SheriGR

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Flooded with ideas last night for The Sims

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1. Flexible Trait!

At LEAST one or more traits should be freely changeable (not requiring any potions or rewards) Just imagine if you could be a couch potato for the weekend, or noncommittal until you met "the one", or  a bookworm while at University but its not your lifelong trait. People are fluid and we change so much as we experience new things, people, and places.

2. Home delivery!

Some may say sadly but its undeniable we live in the era of delivery service. Sims should have an option for home delivery of groceries (yes I think we should have to stock our own fridge), items like books shouldn't magically appear in our bookcase, AND even better MEAL DELIVERY SERVICE! How about being able to buy ready made quality meals that come to our front door. These are actual things that should be options for our Sims.

3. Elevator for home use!

These days it is not unheard of for homes to have small single person elevators. This should not be a rabbit hole either, just have the sim step onto the platform and it will quickly take you up to your 3rd floor bedroom or whatever. One of the reasons I don't build multi-level homes is because the stair animation becomes so tedious.

4. Online dating!

I'm so tired of going to the park or to a club hoping to find a new romantic interest only to see the same sims. We have to create our own NPCs so the surprise is GONE. How cool to pic a sim from a dating app, go to meet them for a date, and find that they are nothing like their profile! or the perfect sim to be the father of my 85th baby. Wink

5. Developed skill development!

I think skill building is way too fast and too easy in Sims 4 which is one reasons it lacks depth. For example, you do not become a master chef by just reading recipes or cooking the same thing over and over again. To pass to upper skill levels I think there should be more and more challenge to reach level 10 (this would also make reaching top of career more challenging). 


To end....I LOVE THE SIMS and just want it to be as popular in 30 yrs as it has been the last 20! 

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Re: Flooded with ideas last night for The Sims

★★ Newbie
@julesbrown OH and another idea I forgot. JIGSAW PUZZLES!! Much like the school project (but kids wouldn't be necessary). The puzzle could be purchased, laid out on a table and sit there until finished by anyone who wants to work on it or until your toddler/cat tosses it on the floor. The end puzzle could be framed and used as art and there could be endless design possibilities.
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Re: Flooded with ideas last night for The Sims



  • 🧩Love the idea of a jigsaw puzzle table that everyone can work at until done - together or alone!
  • 🤔Flexible trait - this is also an interesting idea. I think that sounds like a fun option if it fits your sim's 'story', if it could be just one trait that can have this option. 
  • 🚗Delivery of groceries... Ahhh... methinks this one was in Sims 2 (?). I rather miss that one and yet don't. It did make for an extra planning challenge, though we still have to pay for them. Same thing for the repair parts, books, etc.
  • 💻Online arrangement of a date.... hmmm... very interesting! I can see where if this one sellable as a pack. It could maybe bring a pop-up interaction where you choose a date, and the game generates or pulls this sim up for you to meet, interact with, and have them added to townies so you can continue the relationship and they only continue if you do... or they are added to non-played households (or pulled from them)? There could be some interesting possibilities. And if done in a pack perhaps some new types of dating venues or activities could be included? (Hey... cuddling and spooning? I miss those in the game!)
  • 💡I can see on the skills thing where giving some love to the requirements per levels in some cases could be helpful.

Thanks for sharing the creative ideas, and I share your love for the Sims series and wishes for its longevity!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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