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Feedback/suggestions For The Sims 4

by hmittleman

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Re: Feedback/suggestions For The Sims 4


@paron2005 , I have to agree with you!  I also want the ability to have a residence next to or above a store or restaurant! 😃 This is how historically many establishments were, and might still be in some places! I know @SheriGR has made a bakery/tea shop with a family residence upstairs.💗  You can play it and "live" there, but it doesn't recognize it as your Sim's home (for example any children will not return to the store after school, but instead go to their official home, so you will have to bring them to the store afterwards if you want them to "live" there.  
Hopefully they will add mulit-type lots in the future! Fingers crossed😉

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Re: Feedback/suggestions For The Sims 4

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@PugLove888 I did the same as @SheriGR did with one of my veterinarian Sim households. A whole family, 4 vets, 2 cats and 2 dogs in Brindleton Bay Living above their veterinarians practice. Lucky for me the kids were all young adults. 😉
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Re: Feedback/suggestions For The Sims 4


@Trismagistos , yes it is a nice work-around, but we are still hoping for an update that really allows this to be a thing in our game! Fingers crossed  
I think I would like working retail better this way, like we did in The Sims 2!  
I'm sure your vet clinic / home was a cozy comfortable place that made the patients feel at home! Heart

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Re: Feedback/suggestions For The Sims 4

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@PugLove888 Lol. It's no secret I've been completely fed up with Sims 4 lately. I decided to go back and play Sims 3 again. I used to be a heavy sims 3 player when it came out.

I realized just how far Sims has back-slid on features. With the exception of the performance issues and CAS, the gameplay in Sims 3 is incredibly better. Every single aspect is many times better.

I never realized how much I miss things like the bookstore, grocer, the need to actually LEAVE your house, ride your bike around town...

I couldn't figure out why my sim couldn't cook new recipes when leveling up cooking until I remembered they actually had to go out and BUY the recipes...

If they could take the CAS from Sims 4, put it in Sims 3 and fix the performance issues, it'd be a perfect game.
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Re: Feedback/suggestions For The Sims 4


@Psychotps , although I agree that TS3 would be much better if they fixed the performance issues, I still wouldn't call it a perfect game for me.  Even at the start of TS3 before the performance tanked, I was still bored compared to the early stages of  TS2.  (I am using bored relatively speaking, since as a Sims game it was still fun, but I felt that TS3 took a big step back in terms of gameplay compared to TS2.  It's saving grace was the CASt color/pattern wheel feature! If it wasn't for that, I would have abandoned it and gone back to TS2.  )

I actually hated leaving the house in TS3 (mostly due to the performance issues which were worse for me when traveling) but also because most of the time when traveling to a public lot, there were no other Sims to interact with!Devil  So, unless I was collecting bugs and seeds or fishing, there was little reason to venture out. (I disliked buying the recipes) and the many of the shopping locations were rabbit holes, so why not just stay home.  But then again, I enjoy family play!  I did really love the Generations EP for TS3 , though, for that very reason! 💗

  To me a perfect game is TS2 gameplay, with TS3 customization, and TS4 graphics and multi-tasking!  (And a few more features from each such as TS3 ability to play as the pet, and TS4 ability to live-drag objects like plates! ).  TS2 gameplay was really deep and challenging, so for me the perfect game would have to have its gameplay!!! 

And not to leave TS1 out in the cold, I would have TS1 and TS2 music especially for Build Mode, Buy Mode, and CAS.  And Superstar and Makin' Magic because those packs were terrific! Party hat

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Re: Feedback/suggestions For The Sims 4

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@PugLove888 Oh geez, that's what they should do.

Superstar from Sims 1 was great. You know there's nowhere that has the female versions of the superstar songs? They were so good but I could never record them at the time. I no longer have the game so I can't record them.

I really liked the junk car build/repair thing from Sims 2. Buy a junker and work on it, make it driveable and then use it to go to work and such.

Sims 3's gameplay was much more familiar to me as I played it the longest. Sims 2 was too restricted for my style of gameplay. Same as Sims 1. Maybe it was due to Nraas in 3 that opened up everything to my own customization.

Sims 4 changed things too much. The whole "emotions" thing made it a lot different. You spend so much time trying to get into the right "emotion", it takes away from gameplay. You need to get "energized" before you can work out, you need to get "focused" before going to work, you need to get "inspired" before cooking, writing, or painting... etc. You spend so much time managing "emotions" that nothing else gets done.
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Re: Feedback/suggestions For The Sims 4

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I Agree, This Would Be such a help!

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Re: Feedback/suggestions For The Sims 4

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There are a few things I love about this thread.  I love that the OP was about toddlers but the thread branched into things like including disabilities and multi-use lots.  I love that this thread has been going for almost three years.  I love that the first reply was from a hero saying that AHQ was only for solving issues and that feedback belonged elsewhere.  Is this OP the original "feedback" post that led to the GD&F board?


Anyways, I'd like to return to the OP and state my "me too" opinion.  In the three years since the OP, I think we've only seen a handful of new furniture items, a couple hairstyles and maybe a dozen or so new clothes options added for toddlers.  Interactions with toddlers is still pretty stale.  Parents definitely should be holding their toddlers more often.  Toddlers should be sitting in laps and cuddling while reading a book or watching cartoons. I also find it very frustrating that they can't play together.  The only "play" interaction is kind of ridiculous and sometimes my toddlers get hurt then angry or sad about it.  I hate that the parents can't sit and play dolls and don't have some other kind of game to play (aside from flash cards?).  Speaking of flash cards, this activity should always build communication skill regardless of the flash card topic.  Reading should build cognitive thinking skill in addition to the imagination skill.  At this point, I'm guessing that nothing will change but a person can hope, right?

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Re: Feedback/suggestions For The Sims 4

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@JonaO703 I totally agree with you!
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