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Re: Feedback/suggestions For The Sims 4

by mays94

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Feedback/suggestions For The Sims 4

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 Hello! So I've been playing The Sims 4 on my Mac for a while now, a bit after it came out, and I currently own every expansion pack and stuff pack. I am such a huge fan, but I think, especially with the new Toddler update out, that there can be some really easy improvements to the game. I'm new to this forum so if I put this in the wrong area or something, I'm really sorry! I'm not trying to mislead anybody or create spam, but I just thought it would be fun to put some ideas out there!

 So one thing I've wanted since the update came out was the ability to interact with Toddlers in more ways. For example, I really want to be able to hold Toddlers without the instant (and unremovable) action to put him/her down. This becomes tedious because I like the thought of my parent sim talking to another person while holding the Toddler at the same time. This is more realistic and really cute! I also want to be able to sit on a couch or in a chair with a toddler in my arms, or to be able to have a toddler snuggle up to my sim while he/she is sleeping or napping on a couch, lounge chair, or bed. 

 I want to have more food options for the toddlers and some new furniture for the Toddler sort as well - I think that would make decorating a lot easier. Also, I would love more hair and clothes! 

That's all, and I know that's a lot, but there are some pretty cute suggestions in there that I think would definitely make the game more interesting. Please take a look if you can!

 Once again, I'm really sorry if I put this in a wrong place or did something else wrong - it's only because I've never done this before. 

 Have a super awesome day!

 Happy simming!

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Re: Feedback/suggestions For The Sims 4

@hmittleman not sure where you originally posted this, but it seems to have been moved.
Anyways, at The Answers HQ we only can help you with problems surrounding your games.
You can leave all your thoughts, ideas, suggestions or even complaints about The Sims at the official 'The Sims' forum.
To post these thoughts, ideas, suggestions or complaints please post on 'The Sims 4 Ideas corner' or the 'The Sims 4 feedback'.


do not work for EA

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Re: Feedback/suggestions For The Sims 4

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@hmittleman I’d like it if for the pets section they made it so you could give your cat or dog one eye only. I have a cat with one eye irl and I wanna 100% recreate him. Maybe in future sims games they’ll get really detailed with sims and pet details like that. Or make you’re self cute 3 or 2 legged disabled pets c: Also more piercings other than ears.
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Re: Feedback/suggestions For The Sims 4


@EvanXXIII,Wondering I don't' know if they will do that or not since if they were to allow pets to have only one eye or a missing limb, then they would probably have to allow it for human Sims too!  And if they add one or two disabilities to Human Sims, then all the other disabilities will need to be included too! Raised eyebrow   I agree, it would be nice to have all these options, especially if people are trying to recreate pets or people they know in real life Heart ,  but I can also see how this would become much more involved than just allowing to have a pet only have one eye. Disappointed  


But there is one thing that puzzles me about the pets in the game that I wish they would change: why can cats climb on or sleep on the beds, but dogs can't, even though dogs and cats can both sleep on the couch!???WonderingFrown  In real life both cats and dogs can get on beds, unless they are older and have arthritis or hip problems.  And even then we can always place them on the beds ourselves! Angel

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Re: Feedback/suggestions For The Sims 4

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It also doesn't make sense that you can't train puppies.

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Re: Feedback/suggestions For The Sims 4


@ShinyGeodude, good point!Angel  Puppyhood is prime training time for dogs in real life! Dog

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Re: Feedback/suggestions For The Sims 4

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I would love there to be disability inclusivity, I was so happy when gender inclusivity happened but I wondered if it was possible to disability?

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Re: Feedback/suggestions For The Sims 4

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Re: Feedback/suggestions For The Sims 4

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@hmittleman Would also be awesome to do this things with a baby in your sims arms
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Re: Feedback/suggestions For The Sims 4

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I have a different feedback to the EA. A thing that has always bothered me is that you can not use several lot types on the same lot. This would be a big improvement if you could do that. Lets say I wanted too make a libary and cafe on the same lot or a bar and a restaurant. Now the sims don't do or use the other items on the lot if I pick for example bowling ally and restaurant. Please make this in the future. It wold be so much more fun!

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