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Faster forward

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Can someone explain faster forward option please

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This is the info we have about Fast-er Forward:


Like the name suggests, its a build upon the fast forward feature that already exists in the game, that lets players complete tasks using energy.

Normally you've to do it for each task individually and it takes multiple taps and navigating through a bunch of screens.


Fast-er forward is a Quality of Life improvement which reduces the time spent fast forwarding tasks individually. It lets players dump all their energy in one click.

It requires SimCash to use and there's three packs which you can get within it:


1 - Trial - For 50 SimCash you get to use the feature 5 times

2 - Top-up - For 250 SimCash - 30 times

3 - Unlimited - USD 15 - lifetime access to the tool


How to access it?

1 - Update the app

2 - Once updated, you should get a pop up automatically introducing you to Dr. Gene Iyus, a scientist who will keep bringing new inventions such as Fast-er Forward to players

3 - From the pop-up you have the option to be redirected to the feature purchase page.


Apart from this, the fast-er forward icon is also present all the time in the in-game UI on the top right hand corner.

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Re: Faster forward

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Thanks!  I appreciate you taking time to answer my question!

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