Fairy stuff! pls support!

by jayivy666

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Fairy stuff! pls support!

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I am opening an extra thread for this because i want to get sure the studio will watch on this 😂🧚‍♀️


 Well, i really have a big wish.


Could you please add fairy furnitures and decorations to an event (like you allready have in The Sims Freeplay)???? Huge flowers like trees and so on...beds..tables....chairs.. fairy housedoor and windows...fairy hair....a fairy topic set?


That would be so epic if we could create a pure fantasy fairy house 🤗💖


I would freak out if we will get this..playing

almost from the beginning  this game,and i allways hoped this will get added.


Dear Simmers if you read this and like this idea please support this thread !!!

Idk if this will work..hopefully....


Thanks for all your work,and i am hoping this will fit to your ideas dear Studio!


A lot of greetings from your fairy nerd Ivy 😁 



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