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Fairy costume tutorial

by jayivy666

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Fairy costume tutorial

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Hi !!!! 😊


I know that a lot of people do love the fairy costume from Izzy and do really want one!

But they really stuck on terrible outfits which Izzy loves to give



While i am hosting partys in my simhouse, a lot of people are asking me how i got so many of the fairy costumes.


It can end very expensive if you buy the fashion gems with real cash to get one.

I never spend real cash for fashion gems and i got 7 fairy costumes now.


So i decided to give out some tricks, for that you have a better chance on the fairy costume at Izzy's shop at the park.




For first you have to now that this is a rare Boost costume.


It is luck .... but can do some things to  get it faster.


All you do with your sim and the timing when you visit izzy can give you a beautiful free fairy costume.


 The best is when you save 200 -300 fashion gems before you try it..if you have enough patience then save more.


1. Sticker Sims who are wearing a fairy costume.


2. Play friendship with  fairies. Add them also to your friendlist and sticker them every day.


3. Also sticker the boost effects from other sims which you love.

Because it gives a better chance for a nice boost if izzy is willing to give you one.


4. Do not give up if it will not work so fast. Once if you got one more fairy costumes will come from the greedy Izzy


5. The colour choice in your game with clothes, hair, makeup, furnitures and wallcolour (all colours choices in game)are also important for to get your favourite colour faster.


6. Before you visit Izzy you need to buy some cheap dress in your favourite colour. 


7. The emoticons bubbles over your Sim's head are very important. 

They do switch.


The mushroom in the emoticon bubble over your Sim' s head gives the chance for a fairy.

Well it is different when it comes and you still can be unlucky but this is the best timing ....



8. Do a lot of game interactions with Sims who do waer the fairy costume.


9. Izzy can be very greedy or he will love you fast, but if you do this actions straight the whole time he will give you faster a fairy costume.


10. You will find your rythm, but it is important that you do not waste jewels. A lot of jewels give you the option to pin the fairy costume 

when it finally comes.

Then you have jewels left to switch the colour and boost.


Do not give up!


I needed 3 months with doing this strategy to get my first fairy costume.

Was a bit unlucky! Lol

But it works..some people are like i said pretty lucky, and some  people need a bit more patience!



Good luck to you!💖


(Added a foto of my fairy family)





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Re: Fairy costume tutorial

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I got two of them, I'm not sure how I did it. My question is how do I get that plaid jumpsuit? I've been trying for a year-and-a-half and I still haven't gotten it.

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Re: Fairy costume tutorial

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@givememore86You need to sticker this boost outfit also! The dress in the bubble over your sim's head means a chance to it. The dress means chance to an outfit and not only trouser or a shirt and so on...


Off course it is also luck then but better luck in this time zone when your Sim is thinking about it.

And he or she does think about what you do with stickering....

Friendship and other interactions in game..


I would add simfriends who do waer them to your home and play instantly friendship.

I am having my house full of simsfriends which do wear what i would like to have to get it....

It is a very rare outfit also so maybe it needs some time but this method allways works for me with patience....

Sometines you also have luck and it works very fast ....



Well it is a bit work and luck


And you can ask friends if they could sticker you with the sims who are wearing what you would like to have.

You will often get what they got from izzy at their last visit at his shop or what they do wear or their boost.


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Re: Fairy costume tutorial

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This sounds like a coincidence or conspiracy theory... but if it's true...!? Anyone else seen any correlation between what they sticker and what Izzy gives you?

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Re: Fairy costume tutorial

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I have a couple of fairy dresses.

I didn't use any of the strategies above. It's just coincidence.

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Re: Fairy costume tutorial

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I have 5 fairy dresses.  I also noticed no pattern or strategy.  I just started with a few hundred gems and kept trying until I got a fairy dress.  I do the same thing for superhero costumes for my boys.

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Re: Fairy costume tutorial

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Well off course it is a better chance with a lot of fashion gems.


But it really works faster with the stickering and friendship...




Some people are lucky and get often rare stuff from Izzy.


But not everbody has that luck so often and that's why i gave some hints to get it faster.


For the people who are trying it very long and have no idea why it does not work.


Friends who asked me for hints got their fairy after trying it very hard for a longer time.


With this method!


Some people go to izzy and directly get rare costumes..without investing some tricks...


Some go there with 400 saved fashion gems and get only random costumes, because of the wrong timing and because of unluck and they did not prepare it. 



For example if you buy dresses before in your favourite colour you have a better chance to get an outfit..rare ones...



This method gives just a faster chance to get a rare costume!


It is just a small help..up to you if you want to test .


Off course you can do nothing and one day you get it ...

But then it is only luck!!!!


And no this is not really works but i is work and constant playing this!!!!








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Re: Fairy costume tutorial

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@BlueWizardRobI did not say that you do not get what you want without using tricks...i said you get it faster then 😊

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Re: Fairy costume tutorial

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I have never seen a fairy. I also noted that I don't receive alot of the outfit and furniture purchase options other sims have. Do some countries have exclusive items? 

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Re: Fairy costume tutorial

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@Itsmeteeeeall countries get the same offers. Go to parties and you'll see some fairies. You get furniture from the catalog, events such as STS and Wumples. Other quests do offer outfits hairstyles and furniture and 75 point items. You will also get packs offered to you in game.

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