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Re: [READ FIRST] The Sims 4 and Chromebooks

by jpkarlsen

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Re: [READ FIRST] The Sims 4 and Chromebooks

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Please read the first posting in this thread.

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why cant i play on my chromebook?

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i have tried to get the game but it always never works. is it because of the type of computer i am  using?i also had looked at some of the questions about why the Sims 4 game is not  allowed on  chrome books . is there anyway i can still get the game even if i am on a chrome book  computer?


Also is there anyway you can add Sims 4 to chrome book?


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Re: why cant i play on my chromebook?

@k7e3 I merged your post with the FAQ:

See first post for more info but the short answer is: no, it won't run on a chromebook.

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