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Re: build a bundle option gone

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It's really so frustrating. I have been waiting through multiple sales at this point since the bundle option still would end up being slightly cheaper. If they end up announcing in a few months, or a year, or who knows, that bundling will never be available for those packs, I don't even know??? Losing months of potential gameplay for a few bucks might be silly but for some it is necessary. But losing months of gameplay for no reason because EA after all these years still have not learned to communicate even basic information? UGH!

I know you don't work for EA, and I'm not trying to take it out on you. Just venting in the only place that gives anything close to updated info.

Thank you for your work.

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Re: build a bundle option gone

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Yeah, that little bit of extra money off was always nice and helpful. But I also liked bundling for the ease of use. I always wait for big sales and so I rarely buy things on a whim or when they're initially released. This means I usually buy two or three packs at a time and it's not only annoying to do those purchases one by one per pack but it can potentially flag your credit card for suspicious activity if they're all the same price point. This is a very minor issue and it's easy to resolve but it's very annoying.

I also sorely miss the way the kits were handled in the Origin app! You could add them into their own respective bundle and while there wasn't any discount and I know that seeing them add up so fast may deter most people from buying several, if you're determined to buy a bunch of them anyways, it's a pain in the rear to buy 4 or 5 at a time. Just because I don't buy here and there, if I'm sort of saving up, I'd rather lump them into one purchase and have complete control over what I include, as well as a reminder of how much they are so I don't go overboard. The EA App does recommend other Kits you don't own but it chooses those at random based on what others have bought plus I can't include all of the ones I'm interested in at once. And I realized the Moonlight Chic Kit isn't displaying properly when you cycle through the Kits section; I had to use the search function to find it! Disappointed

I wish we either had the bundling back or a proper cart system. More likely the cart system since they're not making Stuff Packs any more and the newest packs were always excluded from the bundles. And well, if they no longer want to offer the extra discount, that removes anyone's expectations of such. Embarrassed

Edit: Also, they recommend Kits when you click to purchase anything, but having the option to tack on a cute little Kit of my choice, if I was just interested in buying one or two Kits along with a Pack or two that's on sale, would be really nice. I appreciate the recommendations and they're not inherently bad but having complete control is really handy. Then the Kit recommendations don't feel as pushy, like they're trying to negate your savings instead of giving you a helpful suggestion. Of course you can remove it if you change your mind or just reject it outright but I find it super annoying when any website will always pop-up with one more product, it feels like they're asking if I want fries with that and the answer might be that I'd love a side but they won't make it easy for me to pick what I want with my order. Just let me choose FFS. Give me a proper cart instead of this pseudo-cart option.

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Re: build a bundle option gone

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Re: [FAQ] Sims 4 Buy a Bundle: Windows and macOS

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@puzzlezaddict All to save a whole 32p
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Re: [FAQ] Sims 4 Buy a Bundle: Windows and macOS

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Maybe EA will have a Winter Sale! I've got my eye on some DLC as well. Fingers crossed

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Re: Build your bundle not available

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@puzzlezaddict Do you know when or if they will add those packs to be bundled? (Those are coincidentally the only ones I don't have.)
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Re: Build your bundle not available

@apigaill  No, I don't, sorry.  As said in the opening post, there's no (publicly available) information on when, or if, the new packs will be added.  If that does happen, I'll post in this thread, so feel free to subscribe to get updates.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: Build your bundle not available

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Alright thanks will do!

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I can't buy a bundle during the sale - The Sims 4

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I was just about to buy a couple more packs to add to my collection. I decided that now is the perfect time since there's a big sale. However, I can't seem to find an option to create a bundle? Does anybody else have this problem? Or could the reason for this be that it's not an option right now because of the sale? I don't really feel like doing multiple transactions to get these packs.


I was thinking of buying Get Together, My Wedding Stories, and one of the kits. Feel free to recommend kits to me since I can't decide which one I want to get. I haven't bought many of those.

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Re: I can't buy a bundle during the sale - The Sims 4

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@AllySewwit Kits and My Wedding Stories are not available to bundle, follow this thread for more news on the matter.



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