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Erratic Sims able to clean puddles outside?

by WildNerd12

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Erratic Sims able to clean puddles outside?

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So, I searched for this on here and on Google and can't find an answer, but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced their erratic sims being able to clean up water/dog pee puddles from outside on the grass? I thought only neat sims could do stuff like that as when I have my none erratic sim try and do it, it tells me only a neat freak would do something like that...this isn't a technical issue as I don't mind my sim being able to do something she's not supposed to as it helps keep her dogs from drinking from the puddles, I'm just curious as to why this happens. 

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Re: Erratic Sims able to clean puddles outside?

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@WildNerd12, well, in theory, if a Sim is erratic they might do something pointless like clean up an outdoor puddle on the grass.Large smile  I just am not sure if they can do it in the game or not, as I haven't played any erratic Sims in a while.  It could have been something that they could do in the past but now can't do, or the opposite .  I do know that the Erratic trait used to be called Insane, but they changed the name some time ago. Perhaps they tweaked some behaviors as well.


  But do you know if the people who said their erratic Sims do this used any Mods in their game? Wondering  That could also be why they could do it and you couldn't get the same result.  Oftentimes people get Mods for one thing and don't even realize that it affects more than what they got the Mod for in the first place. Raised eyebrow

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