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Re: Eco Workshop not working

by Jhoycee

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Eco Workshop not working

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Hello! My Eco Workshop is not working for 3days now. I did all the trouble shooting I can in order to fixed it but still nothing changes. I don't know what to do anymore. It's been 3days that I wasn't able to do seasonal tasks and daily tasks related eco.

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Re: Eco Workshop not working

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Oh, I also ran into this issue! When I first unlocked it, the Eco Workshop didn't display that pink star icon at all. I managed to start events anyway by selecting the "Eco Workshop" side icon and triggering the event from there (pics attached to illustrate).


It does seem like this is a technical glitch, so your best bet to resolve it is to contact EA Tech Support directly. @SalixCat has a very helpful post pinned at the top of this message board on how to file a help request, but  it boils down to filling out a contact form here and selecting "Connection and tech support" from the first drop-down menu (labelled "topic"), then selecting "Game progress issues" from the second drop-down list (labelled "issue"). 


Make sure you pick "connection and tech support" and not "report a bug," so you reach the right people!

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Re: Eco Workshop not working

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@FinnKimbrel, thank you. I tried your suggestions but still waiting for the ⭐ to appear beacuse it didn't work out.
And I did fill a report on technical issues then.
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