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Eco Lifestyle Bundle

by _Hope_Way_Less_

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Eco Lifestyle Bundle

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What’s the deal? I’ve had money set aside for eco lifestyle since it was announced and have purposely not bought other packs in order to bundle them with Eco Lifestyle. Anyone know why we still can’t bundle it over a week since its release? As far as I can tell Discover University and every other expansion pack was available to build a bundle on release day Why is this pack any different? And with no definitive answer as it when it will happen in sight, honestly I’m starting to just give up on this expansion pack altogether. 

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Re: Eco Lifestyle Bundle

@_Hope_Way_Less_  EA announced that Eco Lifestyle would likely be available for bundling by the end of the month:


That's longer than for other packs, but I don't think that other packs were available for bundling right away.  Discover University was maybe a day or two later, and I think Island Living took a week or two to be available.


Still, you shouldn't have to wait long.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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