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Re: Dentistry Career For The Sims 4!

by FuriousRusherTV

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Dentistry Career For The Sims 4!

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Sul Sul!


I would also love to see the feature of dentists in the game!


This would make them sims baked goods a thing to think about! 


Not only would it give our sims the rightful responsibility of brushing their teeth after them sugary snacks but it would give them appointments and give us the option to customise what we think the perfect dentistry looks like or just a representation of the dentist surgeries that we have been too or seen ourselves (seen if you were accompanying that nervous friend!) 


It would give traits such as the “scared of the dentist trait” which maybe you need to then bribe your sim into going or the “confident about the dentist / confident about them pearly whites” or even simply “fearless trait”  I couldn't decide what ones sounded better so slashed it and then simplified it! haha


I had this thought many years ago and since then forgot about it, seeing as I remembered it I am putting the idea where it matters! With the sims community! 


This would also unlock the dentistry career as I know I would love to be responsible for the communities teeth health and ensuring them pains are just one step away from being sorted out!


That’s all from me!


Over and out! 




Dag Dag!

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Re: Dentistry Career For The Sims 4!

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I agree, this would be awesome!

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