Dating Expansion Idea for Sims 4?

by operachick11

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Dating Expansion Idea for Sims 4?

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I'm sure I'm not the first person who has suggested this before, but I have a fun hilarious idea for a dating expansion. I've been a huge longtime fan of the Sims, and I have been finding myself wanting a new game mechanic that I believe other people may find interesting especially after the new wedding expansion release.


Most of my gameplay is very romantic. I've played Sims long enough to know you have to flirt with them first, make the little pink bar go up to about a quarter, then you can move on to the dates and other chat options with your charisma skill to help you. But I find myself longing for more. What if the other sims I didn't control had a choice to love my sim back? What if another sim could find my sim attractive? What if my sim could actually get sad or angry if their needs in the relationship weren't being met?


I can see this being a challenging mechanic to make everyone happy with, but I think there might be a way to make it lighthearted and fun. What if you could have the players control the level of rejection in the gameplay options? I can see many satisfying as well as hilarious scenarios that could come with this mechanic.


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Re: Dating Expansion Idea for Sims 4?

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I play very similarly and have also thought about this! It would be super cool if there was an attractiveness component or something that made sim partner preferences more narrow so you couldn't just pick up anyone off the street and have them fall in love. Could add super cute date fits and just more interesting date locations to take your sims on. 

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