Daily Tasks, Sim Festival - Feedback

by dnl_simmer

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Daily Tasks, Sim Festival - Feedback

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Sul Sul Simmers!




I would like to ask the team to make some changes to the Sim Festival.




• The tasks: it takes me a few months to gather enough Simoleons to buy another lot, or even a new floor, from there, it is impossible for me to complete this "simple task": Buy a new lot or buy a new floor.


• The prizes: the number of prizes for the free pass is extremely low, and it becomes useless for those who will not pay for it (like me), the prize row could contain more prizes.


• Theme of related events: We could have STS events, or TH and Sim Festival related to a single theme (or two), that would be nice.


• Related missions, we could have daily missions related to the STS or TH event, for example: win 100 Golden Rabbits or 100 sweet tokens.


• Daily tasks should be added to the game at 00:00 local time. Always in the morning I must wait a few more minutes to start.




This is my feedback, I hope the team thinks about all of this.

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