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Customer Service

by givememore86

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Re: Customer Service

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This is how my case is look:




This is my last email from one of the customer service reps.:






I refuse to start from the beginning.

This is how my game looks:

Screenshot_20200317-153700_The Sims.jpg

I know everyone's facing the virus. I live in New York, we are completely shut down. 100% of our Workforce is not working. We have a curfew of 8 p.m. EST. If the cops find you on the street you can get arrested if you are out past 8 p.m. this is no freaking joke. So yeah, I know Coronavirus. But this is no excuse for me not to have my game I need a way to get my mind off of what the #@$% is going on. I don't even know what to do anymore. Making a case doesn't do anything. Now I'm supposed to wait for the studio? There was a bunch of people who waited for the last update to get the game's rolled back to where it was playable, and according to Twitter they got their game back, and they didn't rollback mine. Now I have to wait for WHAT????


So making a case right now, it's not going to do anything if you get the reset bug. They're just going to close it, or say it's resolved (which it isn't). And as a player who actually wants to play you're sitting here in your house like can someone give me some information. This is past frustrating, this is insulting.

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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - March 16th 2020

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The way EA is treating @givememore86 is just awful and terrible!

I am so sad for her. EA managers: you read her. Why aren't you wishing to help?

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Re: Customer Service

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I know it's hard, but try to stay positive. For example the user @Mari_Blsd on Twitter got the same exact email that you got. But finally they rolled back her game.

Let's hope they come to your case super soon!


I know how you feel cause I am Italian. It's a period where everything seems to go just wrong. But it will be better soon!

Stay positive (and safe).


- Chiara

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Re: Customer Service

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@kg122cin3h6t thank you so much, we are in this together. I'm frustrated because a lot of the emails that I got before this one, one guy said what's my account number, it should be in the report. And then the two first emails that I got from them they were just closed automatically. The email I got before this one, the customer service rep apparently plays The Sims mobile (which I doubt) and he said, "I know it would be frustrating". And he resolved it, meaning he just hit resolved. What's the point of actually putting in these reports if they're not going to do anything. I paid into this game, sure I complain every now and then about STS because I hate it, but this is not a good reason to not help me. I just personally went out today to the nearest pharmacy and I asked how much for face masks the idiot told me 2 for $3 convert that into your currency. Of course I didn't buy it. The price gouging is ridiculous. I'm just trying to survive. I was hoping TSM would help me with a nice little distraction. Thank you TSM an EA. Hopefully I can find materials tomorrow at Target or Home Depot. Hopefully we will get through this. In New York we currently have over 25,000 cases the most in the United States combined.
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Re: Customer Service

@givememore86 That virus is affecting everything and everyone. This information was posted yesterday

Let's hope you can get your game back soon. Take care and keep safe ❤

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 No trabajo en EA.    

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Re: Customer Service

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I understand yourfrustration. If I were in your shoes, I would be frustrated too. I would actually be super mad honestly.

I hope that they fix your account asap.


Same price that we have in italy for a surgical face mask.

If you know how to cut and sew, you can make your own surgical mask like this:

Take 3 layers of a nonwoven fabric called SPUNBOND (polypropylene, but polyester can be ok too) of weight 25 gsm each (grams per square meter), equal to about 0.082 oz/ft2, and sew them together.

A mask like this has the same filtration power of a standard surgical mask. In fact in my area (Tuscany) they are making surgical masks with this system now.

Spunbond is used for example for pillow linings, so maybe you can find it in some shops or online.


I am in the nonwoven sector (not in the medical one unfortunately, otherwise my company would be rich now Large smile ) this is why I know.


Good luck and stay safe.

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Re: Customer Service

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@kg122cin3h6t thank you, I will try to get those materials at Target tomorrow. I'm not even going to try to find disposable gloves, they're too expensive. I am going to use dishwashing gloves whenever I leave the house. I just use them just for going outside. You might have heard about the hoarding of toilet paper. The hoarding has stopped, and we are able to find toilet paper. If I didn't have it I would have used coffee filters. We have to be creative because people are greedy in our time of need.
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Re: Customer Service

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@givememore86 I'm trying to get help through EA help via Twitter. I got a good customer service rep on there and she was able to locate my account. I'm hoping this nightmare will end today. I will get back to you guys if I get good news.
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Re: Customer Service

@givememore86 I've merged some post of yours into this one. Don't give up just yet, please! 
It's all such bad timing with everything going on! Frown 


do not work for EA

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Re: Customer Service

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I think I'm done playing The Sims mobile. I'm so upset but I can't do this anymore. I made a Twitter account (SimAccountNow) just to try to get my game back. I had a customer service rep named Tina she was helpful at first verified my game, verified my email, ask for screenshots which gave her. She said I'm nearing the end of my shift but one of my colleagues will take over. Then I get this person named Tee. That person says I see the highest level of your game is 7. (So I'm thinking, what the actual f, why would I be going through all this BS for level 7 game). So I write back on their direct message no my highest level is level 50. That persons last correspondence was well I'm nearing the end of my shift but someone else will take care of you it was 7 PM EST. The person was literally with me for an hour, how is it that his shift was over. Now it's 11 p.m. EST and I want to go to bed. I go to bed I get up and another customer service rep named Riley. Trying to get back to you , possibly because the matter of time you've been waiting having trouble doing that. (Well I was sleeping maybe that's probably why). I did not know that the internet doesn't work when I when I sleep, I guess I learned something new. Then they write - well I guess you're okay if you need anything else contact us -Riley.

I would like to thank Game Changers SalixCat and Phantomlover and to all the people who supporting me and cared about me. I am so sad and devastated. I loved playing TSM but I refuse to start from the beginning, I guess I will have to find another game. But I will never buy any EA product or play any of their mobile games. If I do play any of their mobile games I will not pay a penny.

I would be more than happy if they told me that my game was corrupt, or it was hacked then to not have anything and just ghost on me. It's not that I'm not a bad person. I do not deserve to be treated like this. With all the BS that's going on in the world, this is how EA and TSM treats me.

Bye for now, have fun and keep Simming. I will enjoy playing my Sims 3 on my computer, might as well I paid for every expansion. I am also devastated that none of the Sim gurus on Twitter helped me. They just ignored my tweets like I'm a crazy person. And yet they helped people get rollbacks their game.

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