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Cuddling, Wine Making, Grocery Shopping, Sofa Cuddling and Recliners!

by Simminggoat

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Cuddling, Wine Making, Grocery Shopping, Sofa Cuddling and Recliners!

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Sul Sul,


I know I really miss when your sims used to cuddle in bed when they slept in a double bed together and during he night they would roll over to the other side and resume positions there too!


I like the next person miss that feature because it was just so darn cute! 


I used to love seeing that cute cuddling position but I would love to see it make a return in sims 4 and maybe with different positions such as lying on the back cuddle and the side to side cuddle like the previous sims would do!


Sims 3 world adventures I absolutely loved for many many many many reasons, I won’t go into them today but I will mention one of the features which is Wine Making again! I loved seeing my sims having fun stomping on them grapes to make a great bottle! But remember to wash the hose feet beforehand!


I loved being able to see them having fun and maybe falling on their butts too and laughing about it! 


I would also love to see the return of refilling the fridge with grocery’s, that feature made it so fun in sims 2 to go to the grocery store and either shop by recipes or winging it by buying random food items! I miss these features and would be great for a return! Maybe even a home delivery of it too!


I would love to see my sims cuddling up maybe with a blanket to throw over their legs and get all cozy. I would also love to see a relax button for my sims to lay on the side while watching tv on the sofa and also having recliner chairs and sofas back!


Stay safe 


Dag Dag!



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