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Create-a-Sim Townies

by darkmaster861

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Create-a-Sim Townies

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So I have a question.


I have created quite a few households in Create-a-Sim, but I want to place them in the game world as Townies so my character can meet them. Can I do that, and if so, how?


Also, if it says "Currently not in world", does that mean that they will appear somewhere randomly or do I need to place them in a specific neighbourhood for them to appear?


Step-by-step instructions would be appreciated, because I'm relatively new to The Sims, and because I'm a complete idiot.


Thank you.

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Re: Create-a-Sim Townies

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Sul Sul,


You’re not an idiot! You’re just new to the game and its features which we all know can be quite daunting, we have all been there once!


I should imagine when it says out of this world that when you go back into the households part you should be able to move the desired household back into the desired world and house, I’m sorry I can’t be of much help to your townies problem as my laptop broke so I haven’t been on the sims 4 on pc in such a long while (roughly about 5-6 months! I know the horror!) I don’t know what’s new and what’s not at the moment unfortunately so I’m sorry about that! 


Hopefully you get a solution for that soon! 


But if you’re playing sims mobile I’ll be able to help with that because I'm playing that while I wait to get a new laptop!


Happy Simming!




Dag Dag!

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Re: Create-a-Sim Townies

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@darkmaster861  Of course you can place many of your Sim creations into one world. It also depends on how many expansion packs you have. With each expansion pack there will be also an extra world (map).


Currently not in this world means that these sims are as we call them NPC's (non-Player-Controlled) They don't live in houses or on any lots. And yes you are right, they randomly appear in the game.

They could be just passers by.



How to place your created sims into the world.
First of all you have to store them into your library. When in Cas you will see a folder icon in the top right corner. Click that and you store your households.
Than go to the world and the Sims you ar already playing.
There, in the top right corner you will find an icon of a grid which says manage worlds. Click that and you will be asked to save (do so) the world that you play in will become visible.
Now in the top left corner you will see a globe. When you click that all the worlds of your expansion packs will become visible too.

Just click one of the worlds you want your households to live in. 
Now click on the lower right corner on the button that says create a new household to move. 
You will be brought to CAS. Open the picture icon on the top right corner you will open the Gallery, there select my library.
In the left you will see the options and choose households in the category. Choose one of the household you want to place in the world.
Search a vacant lot or place them in an existing house.

You can repeat these moves until you filled all the vacant lots.

Be aware that you only have 20.000 per household to spend initially.

 I hope the information in the spoiler will help you on your first steps. We all started by asking and learning.


Have fun playing.  😉


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