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Re: Child sim taken for neglect?? (failed grades??)

by jpkarlsen

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Child sim taken for neglect?? (failed grades??)

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So I had just gotten back to the sims after a month or so of not playing (so i hadn’t checked updates or anything). Went to my favorite household and found out my child sim had been failing school. She was an F student (even though I had just aged her up not too long ago)... Anyways, since it was Friday when I got the warning I just had her do her weekend homework and an extra credit project (Parenthood pack) to try and boost her grades. She was in the excellent bar by the end of the day so I figured I could just tuck her into bed and let her sleep (with full needs btw). Next thing you know, in the middle of the night CPS is whisking away my NOT neglected child a day later. I barely even got a chance to raise her grade and now she’s gone for good?! what the heck?!


and why would a sim get taken for failing grades anyways?!

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Re: Child sim taken for neglect?? (failed grades??)




You need to load an earlier save so you have time to get your Childs grades up. In the future make sure to keep the grades above F. Once you child has had an F for a couple days it will be taken away. If you make sure they do their homework every other day they will retain the D they start out with. Doing homework every day makes sure that grades will increase. Doing the tasks on Mondays will increase grades even faster as will doing extra work and working hard in school. The latter will make them stressed so only use if absolutely necessary.

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