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Chef career bug?

by TomB-202

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Chef career bug?

★★★ Novice

When my Sim performs a task with the stove no time gets deducted from the remaining time.
The exception is the risky tasks. They work as expected but for normal tasks I need to

perform tasks with my co-worker, patrons or other kitchen area. The stove doesn't decremate

my remaining time unless it's one of the risky ones.

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Re: Chef career bug?

★ Guide

It' not a bug.

In the chef career some actions will give you "special objects" (food dishes) instead of a time deduct.

Then with other actions (near the tables) you will be able to serve that dishes to the clients and get your time deduct (without spending any energy).

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Re: Chef career bug?

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@kg122cin3h6t Yes, and that's fine when the patrons will want something to eat - but during two shifts no one wanted my dishes, so it was points wasted. I don't know if it is a bug, I hope it doesn't continue, because then making food is just a waste of points....
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